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Sarah Hyland Will Be Playing The Seelie Queen On Shadowhunters

As you may have heard, Sarah Hyland will be making a guest appearance on Shadowhunters this season. But what you didn’t know, is that she will be playing the mysterious and beautiful Seelie Queen. We met the Seelie Queen for the first time in season 2 episode 14 where she presented herself as a childlike figure. However, this fairy creature is an ancient being that can change her appearance at will, so we are really looking forward to seeing Sarah’s portrayal in the final episodes of the season.


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Harry Shum Jr. about Sarah being on #Shadowhunters

Can you tease anything about Sarah Hyland’s guest star role this season?
Shum Jr.: She will be the new Magnus. She will be taking over my duties as Magnus, and I will just be on the sidelines telling her exactly what to do — no I’m just kidding. I can’t really tell you what it is, but Sarah is an awesome actress, and it’s so good to have her energy on our show. I think people will be impressed with what she’s going to bring to the table.