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                  Leaving a spa in Los Angeles

Long time no news on this website. Sarah has been on vacation and out and about, yet lucky enough to not be spotted when she did both. However, on Wednesday (May 29) she was seen leaving  spa in Los Angeles.

002~1252.jpg 011~599.jpg 012~557.jpg 021~340.jpg 023~317.jpg

Besides these candids I’m glad to share lots of adds from the ABC Upfront in New York and candids of Sarah leaving her hotel in New York earlier this month.

001~1428.jpg 002~1251.jpg 003~1124.jpg 004~1009.jpg 005~927.jpg

054~132.jpg 058~113.jpg 065.jpeg 076.jpeg 089.jpeg

074~81.jpg 075~79.jpg 076~78.jpg 077~74.jpg 078~69.jpg

2044528373011386074_187407689.jpg 2048245445016959985_187407689.jpg 1084.jpg 1116.jpg 2054106278838867397_187407689.jpg



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