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Sarah Hyland Learned About the Modern Family Death by Watching TV

Sarah Hyland Learned About the Modern Family Death by Watching TV

Sarah Hyland learned a lesson from the latest Modern Family death: Read the scripts.

Hyland took to her Instagram after “Legacy,” the Wednesday, Jan. 15 episode of Modern Family aired to tell viewers she was just as surprised as they were about the ABC sitcom’s latest twist. Warning, spoilers follow!

In “Legacy,” Phil (Ty Burrell) goes to visit his father Frank (Fred Willard) after he was found wandering a grocery store for hours. Phil thought Frank was suffering from dementia. He wasn’t, and the two spent a nice day together with Phil ultimately revealing it was their last. Frank passed away off camera and viewers heard Phil give his eulogy to the family. “My dad was OK, and my takeaway from our day, don’t miss the chance to let the people you appreciate know that,” Phil said.

Well, he gave the eulogy to almost all the family. “So, I don’t read scripts of episodes of Modern Family that I’m not in, so I just found out that my grandpa’s dead along with all of you,” Hyland said on her Instagram stories. “I still feel special.”

Hyland’s Instagram posts spoiled some viewers, and she immediately acknowledged her faux pas. “I guess I should’ve put a spoiler alert for Grandpa Frank dying, but I was just caught off guard. Like, as his granddaughter, you think I’d be invited to his funeral,” Hyland told her followers. “If it’s any consolation to those who are angry about the spoiler alert, karma hit real fast and Boo just farted in my face and the smell was so bad she had to get off the bed because she couldn’t handle the heat.”

The death of Grandpa Frank was just the latest loss for the Pritchett-Dunphy-Tucker clan. In season 10, the family and viewers said goodbye to DeDe Pritchett (Shelley Long), the mom of Claire (Julie Bowen) and Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) and ex-wife of Jay (Ed O’Neill). That death was teased for some time before it actually made the air—and Hyland was clued in on that plot twist.

The final season of Modern Family airs Wednesdays, 9 p.m. on ABC.

Source: E! Online

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First look at Freeform’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge behind-the-scenes special

First look at Freeform’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge behind-the-scenes special

Can’t make it to Disney World or Disneyland to see Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in person? Have no fear, Freeform is here!

EW has your exclusive first look at the network’s exciting behind-the-scenes special set at the new Star Wars theme park lands with the two-hour Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge – Adventure Awaits.

The TV special is hosted by Neil Patrick Harris and executive produced by Brad Lachman, featuring a star-studded roster of guests like Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland, The Big Bang Theory alum Kaley Cuoco, Key and Peele‘s Keegan-Michael Key, Jay Leno, Miles Brown, and more. The immersive and exclusive television event will allow audiences to explore the epic new lands and learn more about how this new planet of Batuu came to life. Plus, Walt Disney Imagineers and Disney Cast Members will share how they helped bring Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge to life with fascinating insider details.

Airing later this month, the special will follow Harris as he meets up with Key for some laughs in Oga’s Cantina and takes a tour of Batuu. Hyland learns about the tensions between the First Order and the Resistance and creates her own droid at the Droid Depot. Leno will explore the new ride, Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run, inside and out, and Cuoco takes a special sneak peek inside the upcoming attraction, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opened at Disneyland Park at Disneyland Resort in Anaheim on May 31 and at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando on Aug. 29. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge – Adventure Awaits will premiere Sunday, Sept. 29 at 8 p.m. on Freeform.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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Sarah on Playing an Anti-Marriage Character in Rom-Com ‘The Wedding Year’

Sarah on Playing an Anti-Marriage Character in Rom-Com ‘The Wedding Year’

“The amount of growth that this character has is absolutely amazing to witness,” the recently engaged actress told The Hollywood Reporter of her role as a commitment-phobic woman who attends a series of nuptials with her boyfriend.

It’s a year of weddings for Sarah Hyland.

The actress stars in the romantic comedy The Wedding Year as Mara, a photographer who is scared of commitment. When she begins dating Jake (Tyler James Williams), the two embark on a year of attending weddings together. In addition to starring in the film, Hyland also served as an executive producer.

“I think everyone from their mid-20s to their mid-30s experiences what we call ‘the wedding year.’ It’s a year where everyone and their mom get married and you have all of these weddings you have to attend,” Hyland told The Hollywood Reporter about the film. “It’s all about Mara and Jake experiencing their wedding year and how they go through it as a couple. How it affects them and how it affects the people around them.”

The Modern Family star added, “You gain so many different messages from the movie.”

The Wedding Year is now in theaters and on demand, just two months after Hyland got engaged to Bachelor in Paradise star Wells Adams.

Hyland spoke to THR about the root of Mara’s commitment issues, what it was like to play someone who doesn’t believe in marriage and how her character evolves throughout the film.


How would you describe your character, Mara?

She’s a very brash human being. She’s unapologetically herself, which I love, but almost to a fault at times. For example, she uses Tinder to get free meals from guys on dates. She is a photographer. She works in retail. She’s scared to jump in and actually pursue her dreams because the idea of failure is terrifying and this idea of failure really stems from the failure of her parents’ marriage. They had a messy divorce. They weren’t the greatest role models when it comes to love and relationships. It kind of fucked her up a bit, which I think a lot of people can relate to in 2019. She is a commitment-phobe. She is kind of all over the place, but she has a lot of loving qualities, as well. She really cares for the people around her, and you really get to see her grow tenfold throughout the film. The amount of growth that this character has is absolutely amazing to witness.

What was it like playing a character that doesn’t really believe in marriage, especially now that you’re engaged?

I have always believed in marriage. I fortunately have parents who are not divorced and who have had a very loving and healthy relationship from the get-go. So if you don’t believe in marriage, that was a big deal breaker for me before I got engaged. It was a lot of fun to delve into the psychology of Mara’s views because I didn’t fully understand it. It was a lot of fun to be able to go into her ticks and see why she’s wired the way that she is. I know a lot of people like that, so it was really fun to be able to talk about their experiences with their parents and really create this character.

Does attending all of the weddings change Mara and Jake’s dynamic and shift their ideas of what they want for the future of their relationship?

Definitely. There’s a montage in the film when all of the wedding invitations start to come out, and it’s an amazing juxtaposition between the two characters. Every wedding invitation that Mara gets, the eye rolls just get bigger and bigger. For Jake, he gets more excited and more excited about friends and family getting married and he’s happy for their love that they want to share with everyone. You really see from the start of when they get the invitations and then you see how they interact, not only with each other, but with each other’s families throughout the wedding season. It definitely changes their relationship. Jake very much acts like a man who wants to get married in the future and have that be put on the table, while Mara seems to recoil deeper and deeper into her shell. But at the same time she’s kind of like the Grinch. Her heart is growing bigger and bigger and bigger, but at the same time she’s going deeper into her hole of commitment-phobia. It’s also interesting because the roles are reversed. Normally in these types of rom-coms, you see the male doing that.

Continue reading Sarah on Playing an Anti-Marriage Character in Rom-Com ‘The Wedding Year’

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Sarah Reveals She and her Fiancé ‘Weren’t Physical’ at Start of Relationship

Sarah Reveals She and her Fiancé ‘Weren’t Physical’ at Start of Relationship

“We actually became an official couple before we were even that physical,” Sarah Hyland tells PEOPLE

They might not have had the most traditional start to their relationship, but Sarah Hyland and her fiancé Wells Adams are much closer because of it.

The couple of two years, who got engaged in Fiji in July, had their first date in September 2017, just days before Hyland, who has kidney dysplasia, a condition in which the kidneys don’t fully develop in the womb, underwent her second kidney transplant.

“I had all these health issues at the very beginning of our relationship,” the 29-year-old actress tells PEOPLE. “We had two dates before the surgery, and then I was just on massive amounts of painkillers in the hospital, FaceTiming him all hours of the day and night.”

And for the Modern Family actress (the series’ final season premieres Sept. 25), who also stars in and executive produced the film The Wedding Year, out Sept. 20, Adams’ support was telling.

001~1541.jpg 002~1329.jpg   

“He still liked me after that somehow,” she says. “So it definitely brought us closer together and forced us to have a relationship that was very serious from the start.”

The fact that Hyland was recovering from a major surgery also meant that when it came to being intimate with Adams, a radio DJ and Bachelor in Paradise’s resident mixologist, whom she met after he “slid into my DMs,” the new couple had to take their time.

“It was completely not normal, because we were not allowed to do certain things for a while,” says Hyland. “Health wise, [because of] the surgery, can’t really do it. We weren’t able to have that physical part of the relationship like you normally have in the beginning, so that bonded us on an emotional and intellectual level much faster.”

Ultimately, “we actually became an official couple before we were even that physical,” says Hyland. “That just goes to show what kind of relationship we do have.”

And according to Hyland, an engagement was almost a foregone conclusion.


“We liked to joke when we first started dating that Wells and I are the same person with different genitalia,” says Hyland. “We’re so similar that it felt like meeting a kindred soul from a past life.”

The 11th and final season of Modern Family premieres Sept. 25 on ABC. The Wedding Year is in theaters on Friday, Sept. 20.

Source: People


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Sarah Hyland To Headline & Produce ABC Comedy

Sarah Hyland To Headline & Produce ABC Comedy

That potential Hayley Dunphy Modern Family spinoff will have to wait. Modern Family standout Sarah Hyland is set to star in a new multi-camera comedy, which has been nabbed by ABC with a put pilot commitment. Hyland has teamed with Emily V. Gordon (The Big Sick) on the semi-autobiographical project, which hails from Modern Family producer 20th Century Fox TV and This Is Us co-showrunners Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger’s studio-based The Walk Up Company.

Written by Gordon, the untitled Sarah Hyland + Emily Gordon Project is inspired by both Gordon and Hyland’s real-life experiences. No further plot details were made available.

Gordon and Hyland executive produce with Aptaker, Berger and Adam Londy via The Walk Up Company. 20th Century Fox TV, part of Disney TV Studios, is the studio.

Hyland will segue to the new project, if it goes to pilot, when production on the 11th and final season of Modern Familywraps early next year.

On the Emmy-wnning ABC comedy series, she stars as the Dunphys’ eldest child, Hayley Dunphy. Her character has long been speculated for a potential spinoff, and ABC Entertainment president Karey Burke recently admitted to Deadline that the current storyline of Hayley and her newborn babies with her on-again/off-again boyfriend Dylan (Reid Ewing) seems tailor-made for a Modern Family offshoot.

Hyland also recently guest-starred on Veronica Mars and recurred on Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments.

Gordon and her husband and frequent collaborator, comic Kumail Nanjiani, earned an Oscar nomination for writing the 2017 romantic comedy film The Big Sick,inspired by on their relationship. Gordon’s other writing credits include Crashing and The Carmichael Show.

Aptaker and Berger serve as co-showrunners with Dan Fogelman on NBC’s flagship drama series This Is Us. They also are writers/executive producers on the upcoming Disney+/20th TV series Love, Simon,inspired by the 2018 movie that the duo also penned.

Hyland is repped by WME, Richard Konigsberg Management and Gang Tyre. Gordon is with Mosaic, ID and Schreck Rose. Aptaker and Berger are repped by Hansen Jacobson..

Source: Deadline

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‘The Wedding Year’ Picked Up By Entertainment Studios Motion Pictures

‘The Wedding Year’ Picked Up By Entertainment Studios Motion Pictures

Entertainment Studios Motion Pictures has obtained the U.S.  theatrical distribution rights to The Wedding Year, a romantic comedy led by Modern Family star Sarah Hyland, who also serves as an executive producer, and Tyler James Williams. Lakeshore Entertainment acquired the spec script written by television writer/producer Donald Diego and produced the film, which will open in the fall of this year.

Legally Blonde helmer Robert Luketic directed the pic. It tells the story of Mara Hickey (Hyland), an LA photographer who has vowed never to get married. So, when she and her new ready-to-settle-down boyfriend (Williams) are invited to fifteen weddings in the same year, the pressure is on Mara to make some big decisions.

Rounding out the cast are Keith David, Patrick Warburton, Tom Connolly, Grace Helbig, Wanda Sykes, Jenna Dewan, Anna Camp, and Fred Grandy.

Lakeshore’s Gary Lucchesi, Marc Reid, and Mark Korshak are producers. In addition to Hyland, executive producer are ESMP’s Byron Allen, Carolyn Folks, and Jennifer Lucas.

Source: Deadline

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How Sarah Hyland’s Self-Care Routine Helped Her Love Her Body

How Sarah Hyland’s Self-Care Routine Helped Her Love Her Body

Sarah Hyland always tells it like it is. In countless Instagram posts, tweets, and interviews, the Modern Family actress has been incredibly candid about her depression, her struggles with body image, and the 16+ surgeries she’s had throughout her life to combat her endometriosis and kidney dysplasia, which most notably involved a second kidney transplant in 2017. And because these surgeries have left multiple scars across her abdomen, she’s been open about her own personal journey to accepting them, too.
Now, thanks to a new partnership with Olay, Hyland is spreading her message of self love and self care to an even wider audience. This month, Hyland is one of six women appearing in Olay’s new photography book, speaking about how she honors and cares for her body. In preparation, Hyland also took part in the Olay Two-Week Moisture Ribbons Body Wash Challenge, using only the brand’s Moisture Ribbons Body Wash for several weeks.
There is a beautiful, silent power when you present to the world that you love yourself as you are.
We had the opportunity to sit down with Hyland on set to talk about her own self-care routine, why she’s decided to be so open about her health struggles, and how she deals with internet trolls, ahead.
How have your surgeries changed how you feel about beauty?
For me, being accepting of my scars is something that I’ve had to deal with since I could even remember. It’s still a struggle to this day, but you really just have to be able to own yourself. There is a beautiful, silent power when you present to the world that you love yourself as you are. Being vulnerable is sometimes the most powerful thing you can be, so having scars and going through a lot of medical issues has only made me stronger.
What does self care look like for you?
When you’re going through something so physical and on the brink of surgeries or death, that is obviously going to affect your mental health. You have to take care of your body any way you can. My self care can be as simple as taking a bath. You really have to take advantage of that to regain this feeling of control over yourself and your body. I’ve almost fallen in love with my body again and felt more comfortable in my own skin because of this [challenge]. My skin has been glowing and, if you have that, it can be a little bit of a pick-me-up.
What other ways do you practice self care?
I’m also a big fan of sheet masks and eye patches that you keep in the fridge. I normally have super early call times, like 6 a.m., so I wake up at 5 and take the sheet mask from the fridge. It wakes you up immediately, and then you put your glasses and baseball cap on, jump in the car, and do a face roller the entire time on your way to work. I normally use Joanna Vargas’ face masks and Nurse Jamie’s Beauty Roller. Peter Thomas Roth also has really great eye patches as well.
Why was it important for you to be so public about your health struggles?
When I was younger, I really did not want to be public about it. Not that I was ashamed or embarrassed — I just didn’t want to be a poster child. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve felt that it’s so important to be able to talk about it. I realized that for women especially, it takes a huge toll on your mental health because of what happens to you physically. In telling my story, so many people have reached out to tell me theirs… it also helps me.
How do you deal with the negative comments on Instagram?
In order to be OK on a daily basis, especially when you do get a lot of hate and judgement and critics out there that hide behind keyboards, you have to have a really strong back and rely on other people having your back. I have the most amazing fans in the entire world that go apeshit on the trolls. I found that it’s been super transformative on my mental state and confidence to have people like that in my life.
Source: Refinery29
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Modern Family 10×17 ‘The Wild’

Modern Family 10×17 ‘The Wild’

If you’d like to look two weeks ahead of us here’s the press release and the stills from Modern Family‘s 10×17 episode ‘The Wild’:

Mitch, Cam and Phil crash Jay’s annual hiking trip to find an elusive bald eagle after Gloria asks them to keep an eye on him. Meanwhile, Gloria, Alex, Claire and Haley get together to plan her baby shower.

The episode premieres March 13th on ABC. With a huge thanks to Sarah Hyland France (shyland.org) I present to you stills from 10×11 and 10×12 as well.

Source: Spoiler TV

004~968.jpg 005~885.jpg 008~677.jpg 011~568.jpg

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011~567.jpg 012~527.jpg  

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Surprise! Sarah Hyland’s Modern Family Character Haley Dunphy Is Pregnant with Twins

Surprise! Sarah Hyland’s Modern Family Character Haley Dunphy Is Pregnant with Twins

Double the love! Sarah Hyland‘s Modern Family character Haley Dunphy has twins on the way.

In PEOPLE’s exclusive sneak peek at Wednesday’s episode, a newly pregnant Haley hears two heartbeats for the first time during an ultrasound appointment — and the idea of carrying two babies doesn’t exactly sit well at first.

“A baby with two hearts?” Haley, with mom Claire (Julie Bowen) and boyfriend Dylan (Reid Ewing) next to her, asks the doctor. “I didn’t know I was pregnant when I ate that brownie.”

“That’s impossible,” she continues. “It’s a mistake. I can’t have twins. That’s twice as many babies as we were expecting. How are they going to fit in our place? How are they going to fit in my body? One is always going to be awake. I’ll never sleep again. And those double strollers are so wide, I can say goodbye to ever shopping in a boutique.”

But, not to worry! Mama Dunphy steps in to save the day. “Haley, everything is going to be okay,” Claire says. “I’m way over my head,” Haley responds.

“You’re not alone,” Claire continues. “As you’re about to find out, being a mom is very complicated. Luckily there are these instincts that kick in, especially when your kid’s in trouble. So, if you’re overwhelmed, I’m right over your shoulder on the wings of a hummingbird.”

A couple months ago, Haley confronted her boyfriend about their situation and expressed her doubts.

“I’m freaked because I just found out I’m pregnant, and yes, I am a little mad at you,” she told Dylan, the father of the baby. “This is serious, and the only thing you can think about is combining our names into the perfect baby name.”

Source: People

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Current Projects

Modern Family (2009-)

Sarah as Haley Dunphy
Told from the perspective of an unseen documentary filmmaker, the series offers an honest, often-hilarious perspective of family life. Parents Phil and Claire yearn for an honest, open relationship with their three kids, but a daughter who is trying to grow up too fast, another who is too smart for her own good, and a rambunctious young son make it challenging. Claire's dad Jay and his Latina wife Gloria are raising two sons together, but people sometimes believe Jay to be Gloria's father. Jay's gay son Mitchell and his partner Cameron have adopted a little Asian girl, completing one big -- straight, gay, multicultural, traditional -- happy family.

Candie's (2016-)

Sarah as Creative Director
Candie's is a clothing brand started in 1978. It was originally a Charles Cole line of shoes from El Greco Inc. In 1986, Pentland Group acquired El Greco. Pentland sold Candie's to Charles Cole's son Neil in 1991. Candie's Inc. (later renamed Iconix Brand Group) acquired the Candie's brand in 1993. Since 2005, Kohl's Department Stores has had exclusive rights to the Candie's brand in all departments except shoes.

OLAY Skin Transformed (2019)

Sarah as Ambassador
OLAY's Skin Transformed campaign is all about celebrating the transformation of OUR own bodies, and how they are often works-in-progress..not perfection. Along with other fearless women, Sarah is part of this amazing campaign, telling her own story.

Veronica Mars (2019)

Sarah as Alyssa
Convinced the bomber is still at large, Veronica visits Chino to learn more about Clyde and Big Dick. Mayor Dobbins' request for help from the FBI brings an old flame to Neptune. Veronica confronts her mugger.

Met At A Party (2019)

Sarah as Singer
'Met At A Party' is a new song by American singer/songwriter Jordan McGraw, who asked Sarah to be part of this new project. The song was released August 9, with a music video following.

The Wedding Year (2019)

Sarah as Mara Hickey
Meet Mara. She’s a carefree aspiring photographer who just started dating Jake, an aspiring chef. After wedding invitations pour in, Mara and Jake embark on a year-long adventure that puts their new relationship to the test.

Unknown Project (TBA)

Sarah as Unkown
Written by Emily V. Gordon, the untitled Sarah Hyland + Emily Gordon Project is inspired by both Gordon and Hyland’s real-life experiences. No further plot details were made available.
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