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Jesse & Justin’s Baby Shower

Jesse & Justin’s Baby Shower

Not too long ago, Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Sarah’y Modern Family uncle) and his husband Justin Mikita announced they’re adopting a little baby. Once more, congrats from us! On Saturday (February 15) Sarah and friends attended their baby shower to celebrate their love, decision and soon-to-arrive baby.

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Hitting the gym with Ashley Newbrough

Hitting the gym with Ashley Newbrough

Girl Power 👊🏻 Sarah and her friend Ashley Newbrough were seen leaving the Training Mate Gym in Studio City on Wednesday (January 15) looking amazing. Sarah jokingly held her bottle infront of her face to hide from the paparazzi.

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TCA Winter 2020 Panel

TCA Winter 2020 Panel

It’s the last ever TCA Winter panel with the Modern Family cast, and it happened last week (January 8). The cast sat down to talk about the final season of the ABC sitcom.

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Besides these amazing photos the gallery was filled with a few new and old candids, as well as adds from the TCA Winter 2020 Portraits.

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