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Modern Family 10×21 ‘Commencement’

Modern Family 10×21 ‘Commencement’

In 2 weeks (May 1stModern Family‘s 10×21 ‘Commencement’ will air on ABC with this happening:

Cam is finally getting a chance to shine when he is asked to preside over the high school graduation ceremony at the last minute, while Jay gives the commencement address. Meanwhile, Claire runs into her former high school rival who brings out the worst in her.

A few HQ stills and a behind the scenes photo were added to the gallery.

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Enjoying a Yoga Class in Los Angeles

Enjoying a Yoga Class in Los Angeles

On Wednesday (April 10) Sarah was seen around a yoga studio in Los Angeles, looking absolutely fine. The great detail about her outfit: a seethrough backpack which revealed a poloroid photo of boyfriend Wells Adams. So cute!

001~1400.jpg 006~835.jpg 010~626.jpg 012~551.jpg

001~1401.jpg 002~1233.jpg 003~1106.jpg 004~995.jpg

001~1402.jpg 003~1107.jpg 005~916.jpg 009~677.jpg

In the gallery you can now find an extra still from last night’s Modern Family episode.


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Modern Family 10×20 ‘Can’t Elope’

Modern Family 10×20 ‘Can’t Elope’

We’re getting closer and closer to Haley’s new role as a mother as an all new Modern Family episode, 10×20 ‘Can’t Elope’ proves. The episode airs April 10.

Haley and Dylan’s plan to quietly elope before the babies are born doesn’t go as smoothly as they had hoped. Meanwhile, Jay continues to try and get his new business off the ground by courting an Instagram celebrity

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‘Modern Family’ Season 10 Wrap

‘Modern Family’ Season 10 Wrap

The news Modern Family is getting a Season 11 is everything we needed and makes us less sad about the Season 10 wrap last night (March 15). Aubrey Anderson-Emmons’ (who plays Lily) mom took a photo of the MF kids, but harldy included Sarah, which “upset” her. Via Instagram Stories she said: “They were gonna take the pictures without me. But you know me better.” and the shot turned out perfect 😂. Can’t wait to watch these episodes.

005~907.jpg 006~826.jpg 007~750.jpg 008~690.jpg

In the Magazine Scans category you can find a new scan from 2009, and brand new photos of Sarah in the Health Today Magazine Malaysia from March 2019.

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On the set of ‘Modern Family’

On the set of ‘Modern Family’

It’s still weird to see a “pregnant” Sarah, but we could get used to this haha. Sarah was seen on the set of ‘Modern Family‘ (March 6) with her fake twin baby bump looking fabulous.

001~1382.jpg 002~1217.jpg 006~817.jpg 007~741.jpg

1993953914496854532_239727980~0.jpg 006~816.jpg  

While in New York, Sarah visited her dad Edward Hyland, who plays Albus Dumbledore in Harry Potter and The Cursed Child in New York. Such lovely photos.

001~15.png 002~1216.jpg  

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Modern Family 10×17 ‘The Wild’

Modern Family 10×17 ‘The Wild’

If you’d like to look two weeks ahead of us here’s the press release and the stills from Modern Family‘s 10×17 episode ‘The Wild’:

Mitch, Cam and Phil crash Jay’s annual hiking trip to find an elusive bald eagle after Gloria asks them to keep an eye on him. Meanwhile, Gloria, Alex, Claire and Haley get together to plan her baby shower.

The episode premieres March 13th on ABC. With a huge thanks to Sarah Hyland France ( I present to you stills from 10×11 and 10×12 as well.

Source: Spoiler TV

004~968.jpg 005~885.jpg 008~677.jpg 011~568.jpg

001~1364.jpg 002~1206.jpg  

011~567.jpg 012~527.jpg  

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Surprise! Sarah Hyland’s Modern Family Character Haley Dunphy Is Pregnant with Twins

Surprise! Sarah Hyland’s Modern Family Character Haley Dunphy Is Pregnant with Twins

Double the love! Sarah Hyland‘s Modern Family character Haley Dunphy has twins on the way.

In PEOPLE’s exclusive sneak peek at Wednesday’s episode, a newly pregnant Haley hears two heartbeats for the first time during an ultrasound appointment — and the idea of carrying two babies doesn’t exactly sit well at first.

“A baby with two hearts?” Haley, with mom Claire (Julie Bowen) and boyfriend Dylan (Reid Ewing) next to her, asks the doctor. “I didn’t know I was pregnant when I ate that brownie.”

“That’s impossible,” she continues. “It’s a mistake. I can’t have twins. That’s twice as many babies as we were expecting. How are they going to fit in our place? How are they going to fit in my body? One is always going to be awake. I’ll never sleep again. And those double strollers are so wide, I can say goodbye to ever shopping in a boutique.”

But, not to worry! Mama Dunphy steps in to save the day. “Haley, everything is going to be okay,” Claire says. “I’m way over my head,” Haley responds.

“You’re not alone,” Claire continues. “As you’re about to find out, being a mom is very complicated. Luckily there are these instincts that kick in, especially when your kid’s in trouble. So, if you’re overwhelmed, I’m right over your shoulder on the wings of a hummingbird.”

A couple months ago, Haley confronted her boyfriend about their situation and expressed her doubts.

“I’m freaked because I just found out I’m pregnant, and yes, I am a little mad at you,” she told Dylan, the father of the baby. “This is serious, and the only thing you can think about is combining our names into the perfect baby name.”

Source: People

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‘Modern Family’ Renewed for Final Season

‘Modern Family’ Renewed for Final Season

We’ve got great news to share: Modern Family was renewed for its 11th and final season. Are you excited to see where the season is going to take Sarah’s character Haley? Sarah attended two Golden Globe Parties, as you may noticed in the last post, and we’ve added about +100 HQs .

018~353.jpg 021~315.jpg 028~237.jpg 032~216.jpg

001~1334.jpg 002~1182.jpg 003~1059.jpg 

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Modern Family 10×12 ‘Blasts from the Past’

Modern Family 10×12 ‘Blasts from the Past’

Modern Family returns with a new episode on January 16th, and here’s what you can expect:

Phil and Claire decide to take a cycling tour through Italy before they become grandparents, and Dylan (guest star Reid Ewing) introduces them to his mom who has an interesting past. Meanwhile, Cameron and Mitchell discover some interesting reading material in Lily’s room and decide to confront her about it, while Gloria and Jay discover their respective great uncles may have fought on opposing sides of a war.

Source: SpoilerTV

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