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                  Wells Adams Explains Why Having Kids With Sarah Hyland Will Happen “Down the Line”

Wells Adams and Sarah Hyland just want to celebrate one thing at a time.

Just a couple of weeks after Modern Family wrapped its final season, pop culture fans are already wondering what this could mean for one of the star’s personal life.

Before you speculate that having kids is high on the priority list, you may want to hear what Wells has to say.

“I’m the youngest of five. I want a family. She does as well but we’re both super career oriented and driven right now so that’s not front of mind,” he explained exclusively on E!’s digital series Just the Sip. “It will happen down the line. I’m lucky enough that she’s a lot younger than I am so I don’t think she’s in any hurry.”

The 35-year-old Bachelor Nation member continued, “If she was my age, I think she would probably have a different thought about that.”

As for wedding planning, the couple finally has some time to start organizing. Sarah is enjoying some time off after her ABC series wrapped while Wells isn’t headed to Bachelor in Paradise as the show’s bartender for another couple of months.

“Now I think we will start figuring out all that stuff out,” he shared with Justin Sylvester. “She was working so much and I was working a lot where we weren’t able to focus in on that but now that she has some time off, we’ll be able to get some things together.”

Ultimately, Wells and Sarah are simply enjoying their engagement and quality time together. Another bonus is the fact that both stars are both happy and healthy.

“Everyone takes their immune system so much for granted,” Wells shared when opening up about Sarah’s chronic kidney condition. “It’s so easy for her to get sick. When your immune system is kicking ass, so much stuff can bounce off of you. But for her, everything sticks to her and she’ll get sick really, really easily and it also takes a long time to heal or get better.”

The podcast host added, “It was a weird thing learning to appreciate a thing I never appreciated before. I really should take care of my body because now I see what it’s like not to have an immune system.”

Source: E! Online



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                  Sarah for Afterpay USA

Last year Sarah was part of an Afterpay USA ad. You can watch the whole commercial on YouTube (below) and catch some fun photos in the gallery.



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                  26th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards

And the SAG Award goes to… The annual Screen Actors Guild Awards (short: SAG) took place in Los Angeles on Sunday (January 19). Sarah wore a wonderful floral printed tafettà dress with plunging neckline, front oversized bow and denim roses from the Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini Spring Summer 2020 collection.

002~1381.jpg 015~534.jpg 035~231.jpg 047~163.jpg 060~118.jpg

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                  Seen at the farmer’s market in LA

Sarah and her fiancé Wells were seen at the farmer’s market in Los Angeles this Sunday (December 15).

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                  Visiting The Ellen Show

Today The Ellen Show episode with Sarah aired. And it was hilarious! Guest host Dax Shepard had lots of fun talking about The Wedding Year, Sarah’s engagement and playing a fun cake game with her. Wondering if this game will be played at Sarah’s wedding… 🤔

001~1542.jpg 002~1331.jpg   


Also glad to spoil you with a new promotional photoshoot picture of the Modern Family cast from their final season.


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                  Sarah Reveals She and her Fiancé ‘Weren’t Physical’ at Start of Relationship

“We actually became an official couple before we were even that physical,” Sarah Hyland tells PEOPLE

They might not have had the most traditional start to their relationship, but Sarah Hyland and her fiancé Wells Adams are much closer because of it.

The couple of two years, who got engaged in Fiji in July, had their first date in September 2017, just days before Hyland, who has kidney dysplasia, a condition in which the kidneys don’t fully develop in the womb, underwent her second kidney transplant.

“I had all these health issues at the very beginning of our relationship,” the 29-year-old actress tells PEOPLE. “We had two dates before the surgery, and then I was just on massive amounts of painkillers in the hospital, FaceTiming him all hours of the day and night.”

And for the Modern Family actress (the series’ final season premieres Sept. 25), who also stars in and executive produced the film The Wedding Year, out Sept. 20, Adams’ support was telling.

001~1541.jpg 002~1329.jpg   

“He still liked me after that somehow,” she says. “So it definitely brought us closer together and forced us to have a relationship that was very serious from the start.”

The fact that Hyland was recovering from a major surgery also meant that when it came to being intimate with Adams, a radio DJ and Bachelor in Paradise’s resident mixologist, whom she met after he “slid into my DMs,” the new couple had to take their time.

“It was completely not normal, because we were not allowed to do certain things for a while,” says Hyland. “Health wise, [because of] the surgery, can’t really do it. We weren’t able to have that physical part of the relationship like you normally have in the beginning, so that bonded us on an emotional and intellectual level much faster.”

Ultimately, “we actually became an official couple before we were even that physical,” says Hyland. “That just goes to show what kind of relationship we do have.”

And according to Hyland, an engagement was almost a foregone conclusion.


“We liked to joke when we first started dating that Wells and I are the same person with different genitalia,” says Hyland. “We’re so similar that it felt like meeting a kindred soul from a past life.”

The 11th and final season of Modern Family premieres Sept. 25 on ABC. The Wedding Year is in theaters on Friday, Sept. 20.

Source: People

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                  ‘The Wedding Year’ Premiere

Sarah and her costars attended the world premiere of The Wedding Year at Arclight Hollywood in Hollywood on Thursday (September 12). Sarah stunned in a wonderful Pamella Roland dress. The movie premieres in theatres and on digital September 20.

002~1323.jpg 017~430.jpg 022~337.jpg 077~76.jpg 085~66.jpg

001~1534.jpg 004~1067.jpg 008~747.jpg 015~502.jpg 017~431.jpg

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                  The Wedding Year Official Trailer

Such great news for all Hylanders: the official trailer for The Wedding Year (in theaters and available on digital September 20). 7 weddings in one year. Will Mara and Jake ever have their own “happily ever after?”. Enjoy the official trailer and the official poster.


001~24.png 002~21.png   

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                  Are Sarah & Wells Marrying Next Year? Plus: Her Pick for ‘The Bachelor’

Extra’s Renee Bargh caught up with Sarah Hyland at Universal Studios Hollywood, where she opened up about her engagement to Bachelor in Paradise star Wells Adams, her new movie The Wedding Year and the final season of Modern Family.



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                  BTS with Sarah Hyland at the 2019 Teen Choice Awards

Sarah’s amazing makeup artist Allan Avendaño uploaded a video on his YouTube channel with behind the scenes magic of Sarah’s 2019 Teen Choice Awards glam look.

Hey guys! I’m back with another video, but this time it’s a behind the scenes vlog of the Teen Choice Awards 2019! I had an insanely fun time working with Sarah Hyland and catching up with friends at the event. Definitely a ton of shenanigans that day. 🙃 I hope you like the video, let me know in the comments! Also, leave any ideas for future YouTube videos/collabs below so I know what you all are curious to see. Don’t forget to do the whole shabang — like, comment, and SUBSCRIBE! Also, turn on notifications in case the videos don’t show up in your sub boxes. ♥️



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