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                  On the set of ‘The Wedding Year’

Another day, another scene, or maybe even scenes? We will find out once Sarah’s movie The Wedding Year drops. Currently she’s working on her latest project in Los Angeles. On Wednesday (May 30th) she was seen on set of the movie in LA.

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                  Out and about in Studio City

Sarah finished working on her upcoming movie The Wedding Year last week – at least for that week, she continues to work on it the upcoming weeks – and used her spare time to get out and about with her boyfriend Wells Adams on Saturday (May 26th).

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                  On the set of ‘The Wedding Year’

Sarah keeps hopping into the role of Mara in The Wedding Year. Last night (May 24th) she was seen on set with an old friend – Matt Shively, who’s also part of the cast. Besides candids of last night I’m also glad to share some on set photos of Sarah as Mara from The Wedding Year’s Instagram account.

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                  Filming ‘The Wedding Year’ in Hollywood

Almost right after announcing her new project Sarah started filming her new movie The Wedding Year in Hollywood. She was seen on set of the new movie on May 23rd, alongside her cast mate Tyler James Williams, who appears to be playing Mara’s (Sarah) love interest. Can’t wait to see more. Oh by the way, find exlusive pictures and videos of the movie on Twitter and Instagram.

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                  The Black List Live ‘JiHottie’

On May 12th Sarah attended The Black List Live’s ‘JiHottie’ event in Los Angeles. She was the voice of Lucy in the play and did a great job!

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                  ‘Modern Family’ 9×21 ‘The Escape’ Stills

After sharing all episode information with you (see the post here) we’d also like to share 3 HQs of Sarah as Haley Dunphy in Modern Family‘s 9×21 ‘The Escape’ episode.

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                  Leaving a doctor’s appointment in Los Angeles

Not only Sarah was photographed leaving a Staples store in Los Angeles (previous post/May 3rd) but also after her doctor’s appointment before shopping some office supplies. Besides we’ve added 2 HQs to the Staples folder.

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                  Leaving a Staples store in Los Angeles

On Thursday (May 3rd) Sarah was photographed leaving a Staples store in Los Angeles. Via Instagram Stories she shared following story:

So on my way home from a doctor’s appointment I decided to stop and like do like some weird bleeching UV thing? I just drink so much coffee, I was like “Why not?”. And then I noticed someone was following me on my way to Staples, to pick up some office applies as one does, and they were driving like a maniac and I realized it was paparazzi. These people put other’s people’s lives at risk so that they can follow me from to getting my teeth bleeched to pick up office supplies. Are you…? What? It just really upset me and I’m like “Nobody needs a picture of me walking out of Staples. Nobody wants that”. But like people value their lives and their cars. So I did what I thought was the only thing that I could do and that was to slidely give them the middle finger by carrying my phone.

Seriously, this is not fun at all. Well done Sarah. We ain’t mad, we are proud to have such a caring role model.

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                  Sarah Hyland to Star in Rom-Com ‘The Wedding Year’

Sarah Hyland will star in the rom-com The Wedding Year for Lakeshore Entertainment.

Legally Blonde director Robert Luketic will helm the feature, which centers on a marriage-resistant Los Angeles photographer (Hyland) who is invited to 15 weddings in the same year with her new ready-to-settle-down boyfriend.

Lakeshore’s Gary Lucchesi, Marc Reid and Mark Korshak will produce, with Hyland executive producing.

Production will begin later this month in Los Angeles. Lakeshore will be presenting The Wedding Year for sales at Cannes.

Hyland, who is repped by WME, RKM and Gang Tyre, is best known for her role on ABC’s long-running series Modern Family, which is wrapping up its ninth season.

Luketic, who previously worked with Lakeshore on the Katherine Heigl-starrer The Ugly Truth, is repped by CAA, Mosaic and Bloom Hergott.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter



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                  Arriving at LAX airport

After supporting her father Edward James Hyland on Broadway playing Album Dumbledore in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Sarah arrived back “home” in Los Angeles on Tuesday (April 24th).

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