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Filming a scene for Modern Family in LA

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Season 8 > On Set > 2017-01-26 [+ 16]

Behind the Scenes of Sarah’s Candies Photoshoot

Behind the Scenes of Sarah Hyland’s Candies Photoshoot

“For my first season in full force as Candie’s Creative Director, I wanted the campaign and the collection to represent both my personal style and inspirations and to ensure that the product incorporated small details that are important to the Candie’s girl,” said Hyland.

“8.12 Do You Believe In Magic” Press Release

“Do You Believe In Magic” – Fearful that the romance between him and Claire is fizzling, Phil calls upon his altar ego, Clive Bixby, get Valentines day back on track. Meanwhile, much to Gloria’s chagrin, Jay shows a bit of child favoritism when he and Gloria must deal with Joe’s inappropriate Valentine gift-giving and Manny’s dating indecisiveness. When Cam and Mitch try to empower Lily, Haley and Sal (Elizbeth Banks) to stand up to the men in their lives, things don’t turn out as planned and go overboard. Finally, Alex discovers she has a secret admirer who may be a little too involved with family, on Modern Family,” airing WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 8 (9:00-9:31 p.m. EST), on the ABC Television Network.

18th Annual Warner Bros. Pictures And InStyle Golden Globe After-Party

“8.10 Ringmaster Keifth” & “8.11 Sarge & Pea” Episode Stills

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Season 8 > Episode Stills > 8.10 Ringmaster Keifth [+ 2]
Season 8 > Episode Stills > 8.11 Sarge & Pea [+ 15]

22nd Annual Critics’ Choice Awards

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Events in 2016 > 12-11 – 22nd Annual Critics’ Choice Awards [+ 113]