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May 20, 2022  admin No comments Candids

Prior to an Upfront event Sarah was seen leaving her hotel in New York City on Monday (May 16).

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May 18, 2022  admin No comments Appearances, Candids

The Upfront Season has begun! Sarah did not only attend the NBC and Universal Upfront but also attended the 2022 ABC Disney Upfront on New York last night (May 17).

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In the evening  on Tuesday Sarah and Wells were also seen out and about in New York City.

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May 17, 2022  admin No comments Appearances, Candids

To introduce her new Peacock series, which is based on the Pitch Perfect movies, Sarah was seen attending the 2022 NBC Universal Upfront in New York on Monday (May 16). She spent the day with her fiancé and other stars, who also introduced their new projects to the world.

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May 16, 2022  admin No comments Candids

After wrapping her new show Sarah and her fiancé Wells were seen as guests on Saturday Night Live (May 14) and attending the NBC Upfronts dinner at Marea in New York City on Sunday (May 15).

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May 16, 2022  admin No comments Candids

Sarah, Adam Devine and their costars wrapped the Pitch Perfect Series on May 11 in Berlin, Germany. Some candids of the final day can now be found in the gallery.

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May 11, 2022  admin No comments Candids

After two and a half months Sarah has wrapped the upcoming Pitch Perfect Series in Berlin, Germany. I was able to find some amazing candids of Sarah and the cast on set in Germany as well as some fun behind the scenes pictures of all of them together. Can’t wait to watch the final series.

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March 10, 2022  admin No comments Sourse

After Sourse teasing big things to come at the end of 2021 we’re finally able to share the first promotional photos of Sarah for her new brand. You can shop these delicious chocolate vitamins on trysourse.com!

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March 08, 2022  admin No comments Sarah Hyland Web

This is a special message to all female visitors and followers of Sarah-Hyland.org: we are special, we are unique, we are worth it. We have fought hard to get the rights we have today, yet we’re far from being close to being treated equally. Let’s all fight for a better world for our loved women, for our loved idol Sarah, our children and our every single woman out there. We are more than pretty bodies, we are more than someone who’s there to stay home, take care of kids and do the household. We are worthy. We are amazing. We are strong. We deserve the world. This goes out to every woman out there needing to hear this and also those, who know this fact already. You are loved lady. Thank you for everything you’re doing every day. I’m a proud woman. xo Sarah

March 04, 2022  admin No comments Articles

The Adam Devine-led spinoff from the feature film franchise has rounded out its cast with Modern Family grad Sarah Hyland, The Good Place’s Jameela Jamil and Lera Abova (Anna). The trio join previously announced regulars Devine, who reprises his role as Bumper Allen, and Flula Borg, who returns as Piëter Krämer.

The Pitch Perfect show is set several years after the movies and sees Bumper move to Germany to revive his music career after one of his songs becomes big in Berlin, with Piëter becoming his agent.

Hyland will play Heidi, Piëter and Bumper’s cheery and slightly odd American assistant. While working on Bumper’s team by day, she secretly harbors dreams of being a singer-songwriter herself, and moonlights by performing original songs in a Berlin cabaret. The casting reunites Hyland with Devine after they played a couple on ABC’s Emmy-winning Modern Family.

Abova will portray Piëter’s sister and a prominent Berlin DJ and music producer. She performs in clubs all over the city as DJ Das Boot. She is as cool as Berlin in December (4.1°C).

Jamil is set as Gisela, a bombastic and flashy up-and-coming German pop star, Gisela is Piëter’s ex-girlfriend and Bumper’s main rival the German Unity Day concert. She will stop at nothing to beat him to stardom. The casting reunites Jamil with Pitch Perfect showrunner Megan Amram, who served as a writer and exec producer for all four seasons of NBC’s The Good Place.

Picked up straight to series in September, Amram serves as writer and showrunner and exec produces alongside the film franchise’s Elizabeth Banks and Max Handelman, Paul Brooks, Scott Neimeyer and Devine. The series hails from Universal Television, with the three-film franchise having been produced by corporate sibling Universal Pictures.

Filming will begin soon in Berlin, Germany. A premiere date has not yet been determined

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

February 05, 2022  admin No comments Photoshoots

Sarah and her puppy Boo sat down with photographer Charlie Nunn for his new book project. Some fun pictures can already found in the gallery (links below) and I hope we get some more fun pictures of this dog mama and her fur baby.

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