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Sarah is well known for her charity work. Years ago she started working with No Kid Hungry and attends their annual dinners to keep supporting them. Last night (October 26th) Sarah attended the Los Angeles dinner. During the event she talked with The Hollywood Reporter about several things:

Sarah on the latest Modern Family episode:

There’s so many things I loved about that storyline. I think especially the idea of a brother and sister having a very different relationship to the family member that has passed and being able to come to solid ground on how they feel.

Sarah on the end of Modern Family:

It’s going to be hard to say goodbye. [About how she wants Haley to be at the end of the show. THR wrote: She hopes by the finale, Haley grows up and learns responsibility.] “I think it’s about five years past her time.

Sarah on her work with No Kid Hungry:

I’m so proud to have been a part of this organization for so long, and I’m really proud to be here tonight thinking back at that crazy little dinner that we had. Here we are eight years later.

Source: THR

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