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Today marks a special day, it’s Sarah’s birthday! It’s the first time Sarah Hyland Web can celebrate this special day with our little special someone. To celebrate the person that inspired me in so many ways I’d like to share a little personal story and a short birthday message for Sarah and everyone who wants to read it.

Some may know that my name is Sarah as well. I hated that name for a long time. It’s like nothing special to me since so many people are called Sarah. It’s nothing unique. When I first watched Modern Family and discovered Haley, who did remind me of myself a lot of times, I also found out who Sarah is. I literally fell in love with her right away. Many celebrities you see show off how extra they are, what they can do what we can’t do. Sarah on the other hand always shows off her actual side which makes her so relateable and real. She didn’t shut down and stay quiet when she didn’t feel well, she opened up about abusement and sickness a lot of times, she helps women/men in need a lot. I never felt proud of myself or my name but when I found out who Sarah Jane Hyland is I started loving having this name. I, myself, am suffering from mental illness and I do can relate to Sarah in so many ways. Yet no matter how hard life was it wasn’t ever able to bring her down. One of the many reasons why she’s so wonderful. Let me continue with a little birthday message specificly for Sarah:

Dear Sarah,
you may now read how I started seeing who you are and why I do love you as much as I do. Yet there’s more to it. You’re kind, loving and just inspirational in your special way. You walk through life with so much joy and kindness, I can’t even describe how proud I am of you. You talk about things most people would rather never talk about since they feel uncomfortable about it. You are the voice this generation needed and finally got. You say what you’re thinking about, you don’t mind people sharing other opinions. You respect people and critizes them on a level most people would take as an assault but you actually, even if the person is just rude and disrespectful, stay true to yourself and step upon them with respect and care. Haters and tabloids can’t bring you down, neither people or any sickness in the world can break the wonderful person you are. I do believe that sometimes you don’t know how much impact you’ve got on young people like me. But believe me, every little step you take, every thing you say is what we look up to. No pressure of course! You’re human and even if you make mistakes, and we all do these little things we reegret every now and then, you’re human and you are loved. I started this fansite early 2018 to support you even more since I felt like just having a “fan account on Twitter” wasn’t enough. I wanted to start something bigger, to keep people updated on your wonderful actions and to let people see how inspiring and wonderful you truly are. You have inspired me to continue being myself, to stand up for what I believe in. In therapy my therapist wanted me to write down people who inspired me and you were the one that came to my mind at first. Running a fansite means you need to be dedicated to the person and to the work behind it. To be really honest with you, this isn’t some kind of work, I do this with love, pleasure and honor. I never felt forced to update people, I never felt like someone was telling me to stop or continue right now, do to this or that. I do this for myself, I do this to show you my personal love and appreciation in my personal special way. This message may be a little longer than I thought but I really wanted to let you know how much you mean to me – and also to so many other people. Now, dear Sarah, have a wonderful birthday. Surround yourself with the ones you love the most and remember to never give up. Celebrate yourself, you deserve it more than anybody else. 💕
Lots of love, Sarah

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