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You may have noticed that Sarah was on vacation for New Year’s in Mexico. Earlier this year, January 4th to be exact, she was photographed chilling by the beach in Mexico alongside Wells. Another thing you may know is that paparzzi are really annoying to celebrities, Sarah especially. I do feel bad at times to share candids since there’s lots of strangers running after Sarah just to sell pictures of her. Basically that’s what these people do for living. Previously Sarah has spoken about paparazzi on her Instagram Stories (see the post here) and I couldn’t agree more with her. Sadly, this time things even got worse. Sarah and Wells were photographed during their last minutes of vacation in Mexico, with pictures of Sarah and her famous yellow bikini.

002~1172.jpg 003~1050.jpg  

On Twitter (and probably other social media sites) people started ranting Sarah with comments like “Sarah, uh, that top looks like you are kinda, well, filling it out more than usual, is there something you have not told us? Is Haley not the only one?” which made Sarah feel super insecure, and let’s face it, we all would feel this way. There’s some stranger judging us without knowing anything about us or our health. Would you like to be judged this way? Don’t think so. So to respect Sarah’s privacy the candids of her won’t be shared on our site. We’re here to support Sarah, not to talk bad about her or make her feel uncomfortable. Please, if you own these photos or run a fansite about Sarah, Modern Family, Wells or anything Sarah related, do not share these photos. We all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s and we probably all ate a little more than usual and gained some extra pounds. Especially in Sarah’s state it’s great to see she feels good with herself, that she has the strength to actually eat and gain some pounds. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, check out Sarah’s SELF Magazine Interview. Thank you for taking your time to read this post, that really means a lot to me as admin of Sarah Hyland Web.

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