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Sadly I have been super busy with work, my grandma’s birthday, my own birthday, worrying about my soon-to-somehow-be grandma and helping my mom organizing her wedding (yay, 🎉) that I kinda missed out the site’s first birthday. Anyway, Sarah Hyland Web celebrates 1 year online (since January 21, 2018) and I couldn’t be more thankful for all the support I get for this site about this wonderful human being. But you can’t ever thank anybody enough for anything, so thank you for all vistors, followers and lovely people who support this website for over a year now. Of course one of the biggest thank you’s goes out to Sarah herself for being such a wonderful, strong, down to earth and beautiful rolemodel to me and so many other people out there. Without any of you this site wouldn’t still be up. I adopted this domain about a year ago since I thought Sarah deserved and it every day I enjoy updating this website with news, videos, photos and more. Thank you for letting me do what I love and supporting me and my wonderful idol through this amazing journey. Here’s to many more years of Sarah Hyland Web.

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