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The news Modern Family is getting a Season 11 is everything we needed and makes us less sad about the Season 10 wrap last night (March 15). Aubrey Anderson-Emmons’ (who plays Lily) mom took a photo of the MF kids, but harldy included Sarah, which “upset” her. Via Instagram Stories she said: “They were gonna take the pictures without me. But you know me better.” and the shot turned out perfect 😂. Can’t wait to watch these episodes.

005~907.jpg 006~826.jpg 007~750.jpg 008~690.jpg

In the Magazine Scans category you can find a new scan from 2009, and brand new photos of Sarah in the Health Today Magazine Malaysia from March 2019.

001~1391.jpg 002~1224.jpg 003~1097.jpg 005~906.jpg


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