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On this day in 1990 the eldest daugher of Edward Hyland and Melissa Canaday, named Sarah Jane, was born in New York City.  This amazing bundle of joy has brought so many laughters and real talk moments to so many people all over the world, that it’s an honor to celebrate this day, her, and all she has achieved in the past 29 years. Even though her life hasn’t always been the easiest, she has proven the world, and mostly herself, that she’s a fighter. This website was opened almost 2 years ago to support and show dedication to Sarah, her work and her personality. It’s the second time we can celebrate this very special day with our very special person.


Dear Sarah,
I can’t believe you’ve made it through another hard, rough yet amazing year. You got engaged, published your amazing movie The Wedding Year, performed a song you recorded various times on stage. I mean be proud of yourself girl! ‘Cause we all are. I never liked my name, always thought everyone is called Sarah which doesn’t make it special. Ever since I found out about you I am more than proud to share this name with you. You’re the strongest, funniest, most reliable person I adore and you can’t imagine how much you help me and tons of people out in the world by simply being who you are. You’re not ashamed to show off scars, you’re not ashamed to speak your mind. You support women, men, homosexuals, no matter what age or color. You make me proud to be a Sarah, you make me proud to be one of your fans. Thank you for all you’re doing, thank you for being who you are and thank you for inspiring me to be my better self every single day. Now I wish for you that all your dreams and wishes come true. Celebrate your amazing self today with the ones you love. You deserve it! Once again, happy birthday dear 💕

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