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Happy New Year! Welcome 2020. Welcome new decade. A lot has happened in Sarah’s life this past decade and she did a little recap on her Instagram with her favorite photos from the decade.

2019 going backwards one year at a time. So grateful for both the highs and lows. But mostly for my friends, family, and fiancé! Looking forward to the best decade of my life. Roaring 20s baby!!! 💥🍾🍸

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The team of Sarah Hyland Web wishes everyone a happy new year. Make the best out of this new chapter and new decade. May you stay healthy and all your wishes come true. Sarah is currently in Cancun, Mexico with her friends and fiancé enjoying themselves. ⚠️ Not all candids from last night will be shared. A little something has happened to Sarah’s bikini and I don’t wanna share these let’s say rather private moments with the world. Please respect Sarah and don’t do this either.

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