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On this day 30 years ago a bundle of joy was born as daughter of Melissa and Edward. Her name is Sarah Jane Hyland. I can’t believe Sarah has reached her dirty dirties now but also I am so proud of everything she has accomplished in her life. She’s one of the strongest, most honest and kind idols I personally have and each and every day she inspires me to be a better self. I am also called Sarah and used to hate the name. Way too many people are called this way and I never felt special. When I first watched Modern Family and discovered Sarah I did start to feel special and proud to share my name with this wonderful and talented young woman. Now, she’s engaged and in such a healthy spot in her personal life that I couldn’t find a better way to celebrate this special day with her, then by sharing this message for her:

Dear Sarah,
through this past and tough year (thanks Covid-19) it was tough to keep an update account about a celebrity, but the way you used your social media range to get people to vote, to stay safe and to wear a god damn mask… Girl you’ve been that role model I was looking for. You fight for what you believe in, no matter how big these dreams are. And you always make it through. I know the past 30 years weren’t the easiest for you and believe me, in my eyes a wonderful person like you doesn’t deserve this. You made me sign up to become an organ donator. You inspired me to treat people with kindness and never be mad, no matter how complicated a person or costumer might be. That’s what you taught a 25 year old girl from Germany. In your honor I donated $10 to the National Kidney Foundation. It doesn’t seem a lot, but if every now and then some people help people in need, like people helped you, it’s an act of kindness that may saves a life. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me without even knowing. Cheers to you and your past three decades and cheers to many many many more fun moments. May all your dreams come true. Feel loved, hugged and filled with pizza and tacos today, dear. Happy Birthday

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