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In late August Sarah was seen out and about in Los Angeles prior to and after her pilates sessions. These three albums were taken on August 28 and August 31.

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The day finally (!) happened. Sarah and Wells got married at a wine yard in California on Saturday (August 20) alongside their friends. Sarah was seen tying the knot in a Vera Wang Haute, as a member of the designer shared on Instagram. Congratulation to Mr. and Mrs. Adams! 💍💒

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Let’s stay fit and healthy – with TrySourse and hitting a gym. Sarah was seen hitting a gym in the Los Angeles area on Wednesday (August 17). Seems like Sarah’s new favourite items are her Christian Dior bag and her jeans jacket.

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Sarah was seen running some errands in West Hollywood on Tuesday (August 16). She was seen wearing some casual yet classy clothes while running errands.

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Sarah took a moment to visit her friend Sofia Vergara on America’s Got Talent in Los Angeles last Wednesday (August 10). For those wondering: Sarah wore a Michael Kors Hot Pink Ruched One-Shoulder Sheath Dress ($1,890 | available at while filming the show.

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This past week (August 10) Sarah was seen meeting up with an acting coach in West Hollywood. I’m guessing it’s for a new project but I also guess we’ll find out some time in the future.

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Sarah was seen leaving her pilates class at Rise Up Pilates in West Hollywood, California last Wednesday (August 3) while a day after (August 4) she was seen at a veterinary service with her dog Boo in Los Angeles.

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After both Bachelor(ette) parties the happy couple is finally united. Sarah and Wells were seen at Cartier in Beverly Hills (July 24). If it was for some wedding preparations or not is not official but I’m just wildly guessing right here.

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Sarah sat down with Ria and Fran of Chicks In The Office during her New York press tour (July 18) to talk about hosting Love Island USA, her wedding and her bachelorette party in Mexico.

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Sarah Hyland dishes with ‘Extra’s’ Katie Krause on her love story with Bachelor Nation’s Wells Adams, their wedding plans, and her bachelorette party trip with pals including Vanessa Hudgens! Sarah also spoke about her new hosting gig on ‘Love Island USA,’ which is streaming now on Peacock.

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