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October 05, 2021  admin No comments Candids

After working out with her friends Sarah was seen out and about in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon (October 4). And yes, she’s that witch!

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September 18, 2021  admin No comments Candids

A few days ago (September 15) Sarah was seen leaving CVS pharmacy in Los Angeles, California. It’s always a pleasure to see our little sweetheart out and about.

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September 14, 2021  admin No comments Appearances, Candids

A couple of days ago (September 12) Sarah and Wells Adams attended the MPTF NextGen Board hosts 2021 Summer Party at the Sunset Tower Hotel in Los Angeles. Sarah was seen wearing a wonderful Ulyana Sergeenko Fall 2020 RTW Dress. Via Instagram Stories she even shared that her friend and stylist Brad Goreski and herself have styled her for the occasion.

003~1312.jpg 001~1680.jpg 002~1453.jpg nonpic.png nonpic.png
003~1313.jpg 002~1454.jpg 005~1095.jpg 004~1182.jpg 006~1002.jpg
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August 22, 2021  admin No comments Candids

Wednesdays are delivery days. Last Wednesday (August 18) Sarah was seen outside her house getting a huge delivery. Whatever it was, hope you enjoy it S!

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June 19, 2021  admin No comments Candids

A couple of day ago (June 16) Sarah was seen out and about in Los Angeles, but also stopping by Gelson’s Supermarket in the city of angels. She was seen grabbing lots of sun flowers while looking sporty and sweet at the same time.

003~1300.jpg 002~1441.jpg 001~1666.jpg 005~1085.jpg 004~1170.jpg

003~1301.jpg 012~661.jpg 022~374.jpg 038~227.jpg 040~211.jpg

June 09, 2021  admin No comments Candids

She has wrapped her show, she’s off to new plans now. Sarah was seen visiting a hair salon in West Hollywood on June 7 shopping off a little off of her beautiful long locks. We can’t wait for Sarah to share the first photos of her new haircut with all of us.

003~1292.jpg 001~1658.jpg 002~1435.jpg 004~1161.jpg 005~1074.jpg

003~1293.jpg 002~1436.jpg 005~1075.jpg 006~985.jpg 008~830.jpg

June 04, 2021  admin No comments Candids

After wrapping her new Disney show Epic in Ireland Sarah is back in Los Angeles. Yesterday (June 3) she was seen out grocery shopping and stopping to pick up some food for the dogs in the LA area.

001~1653.jpg nonpic.png nonpic.png nonpic.png nonpic.png

001~1654.jpg 002~1432.jpg 003~1288.jpg nonpic.png nonpic.png

001~1655.jpg nonpic.png nonpic.png nonpic.png nonpic.png

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January 25, 2021  admin No comments Candids

Sarah and her finacé Wells were seen taking an early morning stroll last Tuesday (January 19) in Hollywood.

003~1285.jpg 004~1156.jpg 009~795.jpg 017~476.jpg 019~416.jpg

December 15, 2020  admin No comments Candids

Sarah and her fiancé Wells were seen checking out wedding venues for their upcoming wedding next year in Los Angeles on Sunday (December 13). Can’t wait for these two love birds to finally tie the knot.

001~1640.jpg 004~1152.jpg 005~1066.jpg 007~890.jpg 009~791.jpg

December 04, 2020  admin No comments Candids

Sarah, Wells and their friends were seen on a yacht in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in early December (December 02). The couple seems to enjoy themselves on a little trip away from home. Note: Please do not bash Sarah on our comments or on social media. She has been home since the pandemic, taking extra care of herself due to being a risky patient when it comes to Covid-19. She attended various appointments in the hospital, wore a mask always, whenever someone saw her out and about. Please let this young woman enjoy her life for a little while. I am sure she still takes extra care of herself, others and her loved ones.

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