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June 13, 2022  admin No comments Candids

Sarah and her dear friend Ciara were seen leaving The Tox Los Angeles in Los Angeles on Saturday (June 11). Have you noticed Sarah’s sneaky 🖕🏻 has made its return to the candid section.

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June 01, 2022  admin No comments Candids

Back in Los Angeles after filming in Berlin and spending time in New York, Sarah was seen out and about in the sunshine state on Friday (May 27).

002~1488.jpg 001~1724.jpg 003~1343.jpg 006~1020.jpg 007~935.jpg

001~1725.jpg 002~1489.jpg 006~1021.jpg 010~774.jpg 016~542.jpg

May 20, 2022  admin No comments Candids

Prior to an Upfront event Sarah was seen leaving her hotel in New York City on Monday (May 16).

003~1341.jpg 002~1485.jpg 001~1720.jpg 004~1204.jpg nonpic.png

May 18, 2022  admin No comments Appearances, Candids

The Upfront Season has begun! Sarah did not only attend the NBC and Universal Upfront but also attended the 2022 ABC Disney Upfront on New York last night (May 17).

002~1484.jpg 001~1719.jpg 004~1203.jpg 006~1018.jpg 007~933.jpg

In the evening  on Tuesday Sarah and Wells were also seen out and about in New York City.

003~1339.jpg 002~1483.jpg 001~1718.jpg 006~1017.jpg 007~932.jpg

May 17, 2022  admin No comments Appearances, Candids

To introduce her new Peacock series, which is based on the Pitch Perfect movies, Sarah was seen attending the 2022 NBC Universal Upfront in New York on Monday (May 16). She spent the day with her fiancé and other stars, who also introduced their new projects to the world.

001~1713.jpg 010~771.jpg 014~614.jpg 026~339.jpg 032~290.jpg

004~1200.jpg 014~613.jpg 022~391.jpg 057~152.jpg 072~106.jpg

002~1482.jpg 001~1716.jpg 004~1201.jpg 005~1111.jpg 006~1016.jpg

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May 16, 2022  admin No comments Candids

After wrapping her new show Sarah and her fiancé Wells were seen as guests on Saturday Night Live (May 14) and attending the NBC Upfronts dinner at Marea in New York City on Sunday (May 15).

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May 16, 2022  admin No comments Candids

Sarah, Adam Devine and their costars wrapped the Pitch Perfect Series on May 11 in Berlin, Germany. Some candids of the final day can now be found in the gallery.

001~8.jpeg 007~0.jpeg 008~0.jpeg 014.jpeg 016.jpeg

May 11, 2022  admin No comments Candids

After two and a half months Sarah has wrapped the upcoming Pitch Perfect Series in Berlin, Germany. I was able to find some amazing candids of Sarah and the cast on set in Germany as well as some fun behind the scenes pictures of all of them together. Can’t wait to watch the final series.

003~39.png 002~41.png 004~42.png 006~45.png 008~41.png

001~50.png 002~42.png 003~40.png 005~47.png 007~40.png

002~1479.jpg 003~1335.jpg 001~1712.jpg nonpic.png nonpic.png

January 09, 2022  admin No comments Candids, Instagram

Let’s all welcome 2022 the right way: with a few candids of Sarah and Wells taking a stroll in Los Angeles on Saturday (January 8). But I didn’t just add some candids from last night. I also added Sarah’s last 2021 Instagram photos as well as her recent photos.

002~1470.jpg 005~1101.jpg 004~1190.jpg 007~925.jpg 014~609.jpg

002~1471.jpg 003~1326.jpg 004~1191.jpg 006~1010.jpg 007~926.jpg

141~38.jpg 145~35.jpg 146~30.jpg 154~26.jpg 155~26.jpg

001~1698.jpg 002~1469.jpg 003~1324.jpg nonpic.png nonpic.png

December 10, 2021  admin No comments Candids

Sarah and her fiancé Wells were seen grabbing some pizza in West Hollywood on Thursday (December 9). Don’t forget to watch Sarah as host of the Play-Doh Squished Holiday Special on iMDB TV tonight! Also, maybe grab some pizza?

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