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Sarah was seen hitting the gym in Los Angeles, California on Sunday (February 4th). On Instagram Stories she said “I’ve decided that if I’m going to watch people in like their best form in tight pants then I should be in my best form in tight pants” with reference to SuperBowl Sunday.

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On Sunday Sarah attended the Entertainment Weekly Pre-SAG Party in Los Angeles. Today there have been new photos of Sarah attending the event, leaving the location and exclusive photos from the photobooth, which can be found in the gallery.

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Sarah and her boyfriend Wells Adams attended the 2018 Women’s March LA at Pershing Square in Los Angeles on Saturday (January 21). Sarah about the Women’s March 2018:

This is a very important march to me. I’m so excited to be here, hand in hand with my sisters to stand together in solidarity and build our strength up against gaps in pay wages, sexual assault, and sexual abuse. I too am a survivor of sexual harassment, assault, and abuse, so something like that to me is very important. Justice needs to be called. The time is up for us to come together with amazing supportive men, unite, and take down the injustice that has come upon this world.

Also Sarah was seen attending the Entertainment Weekly Pre-SAG Party in Los Angeles last night. Lovely!

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