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As the new host of Love Island USA Sarah’s booked and busy. She’s having a press day for the new project in New York today (July 10) and has visited TODAY and SiriusXM already.

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Sarah and her beloved friends and bridesmaids were seen at the Casa Armara in Punta Mita, Mexico last Tuesday (July 12) during Sarah’s bachelorette party.

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In the social media section of the gallery you can also find lots of pictures of Sarah during this trip from her friends’ social media accounts.

Our bride to be took her bridesmaids on a yacht trip in Punta Mita, Mexico on Sunday (July 10). Some of her bridesmaids are Vanessa Hudgens, GG Magree and Ciara Robinson.

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Sarah and her dear friend Ciara were seen leaving The Tox Los Angeles in Los Angeles on Saturday (June 11). Have you noticed Sarah’s sneaky 🖕🏻 has made its return to the candid section.

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Back in Los Angeles after filming in Berlin and spending time in New York, Sarah was seen out and about in the sunshine state on Friday (May 27).

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Prior to an Upfront event Sarah was seen leaving her hotel in New York City on Monday (May 16).

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The Upfront Season has begun! Sarah did not only attend the NBC and Universal Upfront but also attended the 2022 ABC Disney Upfront on New York last night (May 17).

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In the evening  on Tuesday Sarah and Wells were also seen out and about in New York City.

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To introduce her new Peacock series, which is based on the Pitch Perfect movies, Sarah was seen attending the 2022 NBC Universal Upfront in New York on Monday (May 16). She spent the day with her fiancé and other stars, who also introduced their new projects to the world.

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After wrapping her new show Sarah and her fiancé Wells were seen as guests on Saturday Night Live (May 14) and attending the NBC Upfronts dinner at Marea in New York City on Sunday (May 15).

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Sarah, Adam Devine and their costars wrapped the Pitch Perfect Series on May 11 in Berlin, Germany. Some candids of the final day can now be found in the gallery.

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