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After two and a half months Sarah has wrapped the upcoming Pitch Perfect Series in Berlin, Germany. I was able to find some amazing candids of Sarah and the cast on set in Germany as well as some fun behind the scenes pictures of all of them together. Can’t wait to watch the final series.

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Let’s all welcome 2022 the right way: with a few candids of Sarah and Wells taking a stroll in Los Angeles on Saturday (January 8). But I didn’t just add some candids from last night. I also added Sarah’s last 2021 Instagram photos as well as her recent photos.

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Sarah and her fiancé Wells were seen grabbing some pizza in West Hollywood on Thursday (December 9). Don’t forget to watch Sarah as host of the Play-Doh Squished Holiday Special on iMDB TV tonight! Also, maybe grab some pizza?

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Last Monday (December 6) Sarah was seen out and about with a huge box. A day later (December 7) she was seen attending the 47th Annual People’s Choice Awards in Santa Monica, California with her finacé Wells Adams.

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A few days ago (December 3) Sarah was seen doing some shopping in the Los Angeles area. It seems like she was holding a squishy when running errands.

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After working out with her friends Sarah was seen out and about in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon (October 4). And yes, she’s that witch!

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A few days ago (September 15) Sarah was seen leaving CVS pharmacy in Los Angeles, California. It’s always a pleasure to see our little sweetheart out and about.

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A couple of days ago (September 12) Sarah and Wells Adams attended the MPTF NextGen Board hosts 2021 Summer Party at the Sunset Tower Hotel in Los Angeles. Sarah was seen wearing a wonderful Ulyana Sergeenko Fall 2020 RTW Dress. Via Instagram Stories she even shared that her friend and stylist Brad Goreski and herself have styled her for the occasion.

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Wednesdays are delivery days. Last Wednesday (August 18) Sarah was seen outside her house getting a huge delivery. Whatever it was, hope you enjoy it S!

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A couple of day ago (June 16) Sarah was seen out and about in Los Angeles, but also stopping by Gelson’s Supermarket in the city of angels. She was seen grabbing lots of sun flowers while looking sporty and sweet at the same time.

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