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July 11, 2021  admin No comments Appearances, Gallery Update, Movies

With Sarah staying home mostly during this pandemic it’s hard to update this site at times. But I’m working on the gallery for us all. Lots of appearances photos, movie stills and more have been added already but I’m far from being done with the gallery. I still hope you enjoy this little update. Each thumbnail below directs you to the album the photo belongs to, by clicking the link below you can see all albums from the year the photos were taken.

024~344.jpg 003~1296.jpg 076~90.jpg 056~143.jpg 051~153.jpg

010~754.jpg 058~133.jpg 156~25.jpg 007~898.jpg 004~1159.jpg

031~274.jpg 001~1660.jpg 014~596.jpg 054~148.jpg 069~106.jpg

017~481.jpg 058~134.jpg 068~108.jpg 001~1657.jpg 016~524.jpg

057~141.jpg 016~515.jpg 033~264.jpg  024~342.jpg

044~182.jpg 008~835.jpg 029~295.jpg 008~832.jpg 020~405.jpg

038~223.jpg 033~268.jpg 013~624.jpg 009~805.jpg 007~903.jpg

027~314.jpg 034~263.jpg 035~245.jpg 007~912.jpg 044~185.jpg

061~129.jpg 004~1164.jpg 071~100.jpg 017~488.jpg 012~659.jpg

003~1303.jpg 001~1670.jpg 012~665.jpg 006~997.jpg 037~230.jpg

002~1447.jpg 018~456.jpg 003~1306.jpg 017~496.jpg 032~284.jpg

March 26, 2020  admin No comments Gallery Update, Photoshoots

This quarantine is getting to us all. I hope everyone stays home and save. Don’t just think about yourself, think about your family and friends as well. During this time I got some time to update the gallery with screen captures of Sarah during photoshoots. Enjoy! 😊

002~26.png 013~6.png 019~4.png 025~6.png 036~2.png

013~7.png 023~6.png 055~3.png 061~1.png 079~0.png

005~19.png 016~7.png 018~8.png 029~7.png 041~5.png

004~18.png 016~6.png 021~3.png 032~5.png 040~4.png

0009~3.png 0021~1.png 0033~3.png 0045~3.png 0053~4.png

0020~2.png 0025~2.png 0033~4.png 0050~4.png 0061~4.png

0008~3.png 0021~3.png 0027~3.png 0058~6.png 0115~4.png

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Screen Captures > Photoshoots > 2016 > BeautyCoach – June 2016
Screen Captures > Photoshoots > 2015 > Cosmopolitan Magazine – February 2015
Screen Captures > Photoshoots > 2015 > Seventeen Magazine – April 2015
Screen Captures > Photoshoots > 2013 > Seventeen Magazine – May 2013
Screen Captures > Photoshoots > 2012 > Teen Vogue Magazine – November 2012
Screen Captures > Photoshoots > 2011 > The Hollywood Reporter – July 2011

It’s the last ever TCA Winter panel with the Modern Family cast, and it happened last week (January 8). The cast sat down to talk about the final season of the ABC sitcom.

001~27.png 002~25.png 003~1242.jpg 004~1119.jpg 005~1032.jpg

Besides these amazing photos the gallery was filled with a few new and old candids, as well as adds from the TCA Winter 2020 Portraits.

005~1031.jpg 006~942.jpg 007~855.jpg 008~789.jpg 009~761.jpg

001~26.png 002~24.png 003~17.png 004~16.png 005~17.png


🔗 Gallery Links
Appearances > 2020 > TCA Winter 2020 Panel at the Langham Huntington Hotel in Pasadena, California – January 8th
Candids > 2019 > Leaving Nine Zero One Salon in West Hollywood, California – January 4th
Candids > 2020 > Heading to a gym in Studio City, California – January 13th
Photoshoots > 2020 > TCA Winter 2020 Portraits (January 8, 2020)

June 19, 2019  admin No comments Gallery Update, Modern Family

It’s always a pleasure to see Sarah as Haley on Modern Family. For all German visitors: Season 8 is now available on Netflix! In the gallery you can now find lots of new/exclusive Season 10 photos.

009~692.jpg 010~643.jpg 011~607.jpg 012~565.jpg 013~535.jpg

006~859.jpg 007~779.jpg 010~644.jpg 012~566.jpg 022~328.jpg

001~1444.jpg 002~1266.jpg 003~1136.jpg  

026~286.jpg 027~274.jpg   

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Television Series > Modern Family > Season 10 > Episode Stills > 10×04 ‘Torn Between Two Lovers’
Television Series > Modern Family > Season 10 > Episode Stills > 10×05 ‘Good Grief’
Television Series > Modern Family > Season 10 > Episode Stills > 10×15 ‘SuperShowerBabyBowl’
Television Series > Modern Family > Season 10 > Behind The Scenes

April 29, 2019  admin No comments Appearances, Gallery Update

Even though there are so many fun things to share about Sarah lately I’m glad to share some exclusive appearances photos from 2018!

077~73.jpg 087~62.jpg 102~46.jpg 119~37.jpg 122~36.jpg

234~5.jpg 235~5.jpg 236~5.jpg 238~4.jpg 240~3.jpg

032~241.jpg 034~231.jpg 035~216.jpg 042~169.jpg 047~149.jpg

044~160.jpg 045~161.jpg 047~148.jpg 052~135.jpg 056~124.jpg

105~44.jpg 106~44.jpg 107~43.jpg 108~43.jpg 111~40.jpg

092~54.jpg 093~52.jpg 094~51.jpg 096~50.jpg 096~51.jpg

004~1002.jpg 005~922.jpg 006~842.jpg 007~766.jpg 

001~1412.jpg 002~1241.jpg 003~1116.jpg  

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October 23, 2018  admin No comments Gallery Update, Photoshoots

In the past the gallery was updated with various photos (as you may know). Today a few new outtakes of Sarah’s photoshoots from 2015 were added. To be exact: 24 MQs/Tagged photos of Sarah photographed by Kenneth Cappello for Cosmopolitan Magazine (March 2015) and 14 MQs/Tagged photos of Sarah photographed by Darren Tieste for Remix Magazine (December 2015). A huge thank you goes out to our affiliated website shyland.org / @SarahHylandFRA for sharing these wonderful photos with me.

009~615.jpg 015~423.jpg 025~248.jpg 026~241.jpg

026~242.jpg 028~226.jpg 032~204.jpg 034~194.jpg

Another gallery update has happened the past days: photos of Sarah on her friends and co-stars social media pages. Hope you enjoy these photos! Surely we have not finished to share all photos of Sarah on other people’s social media sites but this is the first big package, more to follow.


001~967.jpg 002~867.jpg 003~796.jpg 004~715.jpg


001~969.jpg 003~798.jpg 005~654.jpg 007~535.jpg

003~837.jpg 004~751.jpg 005~682.jpg 007~559.jpg


001~971.jpg 002~871.jpg  

001~1029.jpg 002~919.jpg 003~836.jpg 004~750.jpg


004~721.jpg 005~658.jpg 008~500.jpg 011~411.jpg


002~870.jpg 003~799.jpg 007~536.jpg 008~497.jpg


001~972.jpg 003~800.jpg 004~719.jpg 005~656.jpg


001~976.jpg 002~876.jpg 003~804.jpg 005~660.jpg


002~875.jpg 004~722.jpg 006~599.jpg 007~540.jpg

001~977.jpg 004~724.jpg 006~600.jpg 009~484.jpg

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February 03, 2018  admin No comments Gallery Update, Movies

A few days ago the gallery was updated with Sarah’s photoshoots, today her movies were added. Stills, posters, behind the scenes photos and more have been added to the gallery.


001~512.jpg 002~455.jpg 003~420.jpg 

001~1.png 006~316.jpg 012~210.jpg 014~194.jpg

001~513.jpg 002~457.jpg 003~422.jpg 005~344.jpg

XOXO (2016)

002~458.jpg 003~423.jpg 004~382.jpg 006~340.jpg

001~515.jpg 003~424.jpg 008~268.jpg 009~261.jpg

001~516.jpg 001~517.jpg  

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January 27, 2018  admin No comments Gallery Update, Photoshoots

There has been a massive gallery update with photoshoots of Sarah from 2010 – 2017!


001~547.jpg 003~437.jpg 005~20.JPG 008~273.jpg

001~548.jpg 011~226.jpg 016~168.jpg 022~120.jpg


001~545.jpg 002~24.JPG  

001~543.jpg 003~434.jpg 004~393.jpg 005~354.jpg

001~544.jpg 003~435.jpg 005~355.jpg 006~326.jpg

001~546.jpg 002~474.jpg 003~436.jpg 004~397.jpg

001~2.jpeg 002~477.jpg  


001~550.jpg 002~478.jpg  

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