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THE (wedding) day is finally coming closer… Sarah had her wonderful Bridal Shower with many of her friends in Los Angeles last night (June 4). Friends like Vanessa Hudgens, GG Magree, Justin Mikita and many others attended. I’m literally so ready to see Sarah becoming Mrs. Adams…

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Let’s all welcome 2022 the right way: with a few candids of Sarah and Wells taking a stroll in Los Angeles on Saturday (January 8). But I didn’t just add some candids from last night. I also added Sarah’s last 2021 Instagram photos as well as her recent photos.

002~1470.jpg 005~1101.jpg 004~1190.jpg 007~925.jpg 014~609.jpg

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A very happy (belated) birthday to Sarah’s amazing mom Melissa Canaday, who turned 60 just 2 days ago (August 10). She celebrated her special day with her children, their partners and her husband Ed at Disneyland in Anaheim. Yesterday she shared some photos of her special day you can now find in the gallery.

010~758.jpg 012~669.jpg 012~670.jpg 013~636.jpg nonpic.png

How to spend a Satuday right: Sarah and her Modern Family co-stars Sofia Vergara and Jesse Tyler-Ferguson spent their Saturday (June 19) afternoon in the park with their partners – besides Wells sadly – and had a lovely picnic.

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It really has been a while since we’ve seen Sarah out with her friends. Now that her girl gang is vaccinated they went out for a little GNO in Los Angeles and enjoyed themselves all the way they deserve it. Before some of you start bashing Sarah: tho she is vaccinated I bet my a** on Sarah. I bet she wore a mask while out, just when you’re taking pictures you (yes you) also take them off and when you sit by the table to have some drinks with your lads you (yes you) do too.

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She made it! Sarah is part of Taco Bell‘s Holiday Ad “The Craving” feat. Joe Keery. The commercial for Taco Bell’s Nacho Fries is made like a trailer for a horror movie starring the two actors.

0006~48.png 0046~59.png 0164~38.png 0171~34.png 0239~24.png


Yesterday (December 28) Sarah took part on the “Show a picture of…” challenge on Instagram and shared lots of fun memories with is. Enjoy!

1393.jpg 1400~0.jpg 1407.jpg 1411.jpg 1419.jpg

As Sarah revealed on The Ellen Show earlier this week, her and Wells had amazing Halloween costumes. The couple travelled through time as Marty McFly and Doc Brown from the Back to the Future franchise, and even Boo was included as a second Marty!

097~59.jpg 098~56.jpg   



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“I wanna be where the people are…” #QuaranTINT crew🧜‍♀️ (I did this all by myself! Very proud ☺️) – and we’re proud as well! Sarah temporarily goes red and looks fantastic! 
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Happy New Year! Welcome 2020. Welcome new decade. A lot has happened in Sarah’s life this past decade and she did a little recap on her Instagram with her favorite photos from the decade.

2019 going backwards one year at a time. So grateful for both the highs and lows. But mostly for my friends, family, and fiancé! Looking forward to the best decade of my life. Roaring 20s baby!!! 💥🍾🍸

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The team of Sarah Hyland Web wishes everyone a happy new year. Make the best out of this new chapter and new decade. May you stay healthy and all your wishes come true. Sarah is currently in Cancun, Mexico with her friends and fiancé enjoying themselves. ⚠️ Not all candids from last night will be shared. A little something has happened to Sarah’s bikini and I don’t wanna share these let’s say rather private moments with the world. Please respect Sarah and don’t do this either.

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Sundays are for pool parties with friends. Sarah visited her friend Ashley Tisdale for a pool party on Sunday (August 25) with lots of friends. So cool to see these two meeting up again.

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