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Hello everyone,
I would love to apologize for the lack of updates the past 4 months and explain why I have been so absent. Many big changes in my life have been made. I broke up with my boyfriend of 8 years, moved out and found new love in a longtime friend of mine, who I’ve been with for some months now. I’m doing good, so no worries about me. I just didn’t have the time or opportunities to do any updates since I didn’t have a computer anymore. I left it all at my ex’s house and needed to get a new laptop, needed a new apartment, needed so many new things before going back to running my fansites properly. I’m still figuring out life. Still adjusting to this new lifestyle but I would love to come back as owner of Sarah Hyland Web if that’s fine for everyone around? I still need to update the gallery, need to do so many things so I kindly ask everyone to be patient with me. As I said, I’m still figuring things out. I’m happy to sort of be back and can’t wait to rock 2023 in a very new and very special way.

This is a special message to all female visitors and followers of we are special, we are unique, we are worth it. We have fought hard to get the rights we have today, yet we’re far from being close to being treated equally. Let’s all fight for a better world for our loved women, for our loved idol Sarah, our children and our every single woman out there. We are more than pretty bodies, we are more than someone who’s there to stay home, take care of kids and do the household. We are worthy. We are amazing. We are strong. We deserve the world. This goes out to every woman out there needing to hear this and also those, who know this fact already. You are loved lady. Thank you for everything you’re doing every day. I’m a proud woman. xo Sarah

Dear visitors,
Merry Christmas 🎄 Soon this crazy year will be over and we’re heading into the 4th year of Sarah Hyland Web in 2022. What a crazy thing to even say. Time flies so fast. I really hope you’re all having a wonderful Christmas time, spend much time with your loved ones and the ones you love the most. Please stay safe, take care of yourselves and always wear a mask. I hope you’re all having a wonderful last week in this crazy year. Let’s get ready for a brand new year with brand new challenges!

To celebrate this special day this year I’m happy to share an exclusive picture of Sarah’s 2020 Cosmopolitan Magazine shoot and a magazine scan for next month’s Women’s Health.

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On this day 30 years ago a bundle of joy was born as daughter of Melissa and Edward. Her name is Sarah Jane Hyland. I can’t believe Sarah has reached her dirty dirties now but also I am so proud of everything she has accomplished in her life. She’s one of the strongest, most honest and kind idols I personally have and each and every day she inspires me to be a better self. I am also called Sarah and used to hate the name. Way too many people are called this way and I never felt special. When I first watched Modern Family and discovered Sarah I did start to feel special and proud to share my name with this wonderful and talented young woman. Now, she’s engaged and in such a healthy spot in her personal life that I couldn’t find a better way to celebrate this special day with her, then by sharing this message for her:

Dear Sarah,
through this past and tough year (thanks Covid-19) it was tough to keep an update account about a celebrity, but the way you used your social media range to get people to vote, to stay safe and to wear a god damn mask… Girl you’ve been that role model I was looking for. You fight for what you believe in, no matter how big these dreams are. And you always make it through. I know the past 30 years weren’t the easiest for you and believe me, in my eyes a wonderful person like you doesn’t deserve this. You made me sign up to become an organ donator. You inspired me to treat people with kindness and never be mad, no matter how complicated a person or costumer might be. That’s what you taught a 25 year old girl from Germany. In your honor I donated $10 to the National Kidney Foundation. It doesn’t seem a lot, but if every now and then some people help people in need, like people helped you, it’s an act of kindness that may saves a life. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me without even knowing. Cheers to you and your past three decades and cheers to many many many more fun moments. May all your dreams come true. Feel loved, hugged and filled with pizza and tacos today, dear. Happy Birthday

Since March the page has looked the same, and I felt like it was time for something brand new. A huge thanks goes out to MonicaNDesign for the amazing theme, Carmen from Headers Online for the wonderful and beautiful header, as always. The sidebar was got updated with only the latest projects of Sarah and a latest video (currently the trailer for Lady Parts). I hope you enjoy the brand new theme as much as I do. Remember to stay safe in these crazy times. And wear a mask!

It was about time to give the site a little makeover. Not only does the site finally have a brand new look with Sarah’s 2018 Mike Rosenthal photoshoot, but also did the sidebar and affiliates get a little makeover. I hope you enjoy this fun little new look on the site.

Happy New Year! Welcome 2020. Welcome new decade. A lot has happened in Sarah’s life this past decade and she did a little recap on her Instagram with her favorite photos from the decade.

2019 going backwards one year at a time. So grateful for both the highs and lows. But mostly for my friends, family, and fiancé! Looking forward to the best decade of my life. Roaring 20s baby!!! 💥🍾🍸

250~2.jpg 252~2.jpg 254~3.jpg 255~3.jpg 258~3.jpg


The team of Sarah Hyland Web wishes everyone a happy new year. Make the best out of this new chapter and new decade. May you stay healthy and all your wishes come true. Sarah is currently in Cancun, Mexico with her friends and fiancé enjoying themselves. ⚠️ Not all candids from last night will be shared. A little something has happened to Sarah’s bikini and I don’t wanna share these let’s say rather private moments with the world. Please respect Sarah and don’t do this either.

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On this day in 1990 the eldest daugher of Edward Hyland and Melissa Canaday, named Sarah Jane, was born in New York City.  This amazing bundle of joy has brought so many laughters and real talk moments to so many people all over the world, that it’s an honor to celebrate this day, her, and all she has achieved in the past 29 years. Even though her life hasn’t always been the easiest, she has proven the world, and mostly herself, that she’s a fighter. This website was opened almost 2 years ago to support and show dedication to Sarah, her work and her personality. It’s the second time we can celebrate this very special day with our very special person.


Dear Sarah,
I can’t believe you’ve made it through another hard, rough yet amazing year. You got engaged, published your amazing movie The Wedding Year, performed a song you recorded various times on stage. I mean be proud of yourself girl! ‘Cause we all are. I never liked my name, always thought everyone is called Sarah which doesn’t make it special. Ever since I found out about you I am more than proud to share this name with you. You’re the strongest, funniest, most reliable person I adore and you can’t imagine how much you help me and tons of people out in the world by simply being who you are. You’re not ashamed to show off scars, you’re not ashamed to speak your mind. You support women, men, homosexuals, no matter what age or color. You make me proud to be a Sarah, you make me proud to be one of your fans. Thank you for all you’re doing, thank you for being who you are and thank you for inspiring me to be my better self every single day. Now I wish for you that all your dreams and wishes come true. Celebrate your amazing self today with the ones you love. You deserve it! Once again, happy birthday dear 💕

Sadly I have been super busy with work, my grandma’s birthday, my own birthday, worrying about my soon-to-somehow-be grandma and helping my mom organizing her wedding (yay, 🎉) that I kinda missed out the site’s first birthday. Anyway, Sarah Hyland Web celebrates 1 year online (since January 21, 2018) and I couldn’t be more thankful for all the support I get for this site about this wonderful human being. But you can’t ever thank anybody enough for anything, so thank you for all vistors, followers and lovely people who support this website for over a year now. Of course one of the biggest thank you’s goes out to Sarah herself for being such a wonderful, strong, down to earth and beautiful rolemodel to me and so many other people out there. Without any of you this site wouldn’t still be up. I adopted this domain about a year ago since I thought Sarah deserved and it every day I enjoy updating this website with news, videos, photos and more. Thank you for letting me do what I love and supporting me and my wonderful idol through this amazing journey. Here’s to many more years of Sarah Hyland Web.

You may have noticed that Sarah was on vacation for New Year’s in Mexico. Earlier this year, January 4th to be exact, she was photographed chilling by the beach in Mexico alongside Wells. Another thing you may know is that paparzzi are really annoying to celebrities, Sarah especially. I do feel bad at times to share candids since there’s lots of strangers running after Sarah just to sell pictures of her. Basically that’s what these people do for living. Previously Sarah has spoken about paparazzi on her Instagram Stories (see the post here) and I couldn’t agree more with her. Sadly, this time things even got worse. Sarah and Wells were photographed during their last minutes of vacation in Mexico, with pictures of Sarah and her famous yellow bikini.

002~1172.jpg 003~1050.jpg  

On Twitter (and probably other social media sites) people started ranting Sarah with comments like “Sarah, uh, that top looks like you are kinda, well, filling it out more than usual, is there something you have not told us? Is Haley not the only one?” which made Sarah feel super insecure, and let’s face it, we all would feel this way. There’s some stranger judging us without knowing anything about us or our health. Would you like to be judged this way? Don’t think so. So to respect Sarah’s privacy the candids of her won’t be shared on our site. We’re here to support Sarah, not to talk bad about her or make her feel uncomfortable. Please, if you own these photos or run a fansite about Sarah, Modern Family, Wells or anything Sarah related, do not share these photos. We all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s and we probably all ate a little more than usual and gained some extra pounds. Especially in Sarah’s state it’s great to see she feels good with herself, that she has the strength to actually eat and gain some pounds. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, check out Sarah’s SELF Magazine Interview. Thank you for taking your time to read this post, that really means a lot to me as admin of Sarah Hyland Web.