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Set to be released Friday of next week (June 17) Sarah stars in My Fake Boyfriend as Kelly, a doctor. The movie will be released on Amazon Prime Video for us all to watch. I was lucky enough to share a poster, some stills and lots of trailer screen captures with you guys in our gallery.

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And there’s the first appearance of 2022! Sarah can be seen on The Ellen Show with guest host Mario Lopez today (February 4th). Sarah talks about her engagement, how her mother manifested the relationship and much more.

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A few weeks back (December 8th) Sarah and Wells Adams hosted the Petco Holiday Special on Facebook, or as Petco labeled it:

Join us for A LIVE SHOPPABLE, PET-ADOPTABLE HOLIDAY SPECTACULAR, hosted by Sarah Hyland & Wells Adams! From making festive treats or prepping for the holidays to taking the perfect family photo, we’re making sure you have everything you need to create meaningful memories with your pets this season. We just need you, our live studio audience.

Enjoy the full show on Facebook and some fun photos in the gallery as well.

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Host Sarah Hyland and Lady Parts OBGYN Dr. Sherry sit down with actress Cara Delevingne and comedian Whitney Cummings to talk about the joys of sex and masturbation. Later, they’re joined by Lora DiCarlo, the CEO behind a sex tech company working to improve your “me” time.

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Last Monday (December 6) Sarah was seen out and about with a huge box. A day later (December 7) she was seen attending the 47th Annual People’s Choice Awards in Santa Monica, California with her finacé Wells Adams.

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Kelly can’t get over how fresh-faced Sarah Hyland looks, even though she just celebrated her 30th birthday, so Sarah dishes her skincare secrets, the Olay product she can’t live without, and why she is so proud to partner with Olay and their campaign to support women in STEM. Snag the Olay products Sarah is obsessed with at Walgreens!

She made it! Sarah is part of Taco Bell‘s Holiday Ad “The Craving” feat. Joe Keery. The commercial for Taco Bell’s Nacho Fries is made like a trailer for a horror movie starring the two actors.

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Yesterday (December 28) Sarah took part on the “Show a picture of…” challenge on Instagram and shared lots of fun memories with is. Enjoy!

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Host Sarah Hyland and “Lady Parts” OB/GYN Dr. Sherry Ross are joined by “Love Is Blind” star Lauren Speed-Hamilton to discuss all things dating, sex, and relationships. The group recounts their first dates, first relationships, first hookups, and all of the things they’ve learned along the way. Find out their advice for developing trust with a partner, and how they achieved successful relationships!

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Host Sarah Hyland and “Lady Parts” OB/GYN Dr. Sherry Ross are joined by Camila Alves McConaughey and Angela Simmons to discuss the beautiful things that come out of lady parts – babies! From Angela Simmons’ natural birth, to Matthew McConaughey DJing Camila’s three-day labor, the two guests share the many ups and downs of both pregnancy and birth. Find out what to expect when you’re expecting… and what not to expect… because no one told you about it!

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Host Sarah Hyland and “Lady Parts” OB/GYN Dr. Sherry Ross are joined by Isis King and Nicole Maines to discuss what it means to be a woman, the importance of transgender representation, and the societal pressures placed upon anyone who identifies as female. The panel’s unfiltered chat covers the evolving topics of body confidence, femininity, and gender norms. Isis and Nicole give insight into their experiences with transitioning, while revealing their advice for someone coming into womanhood.

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