Lorraine Schwartz Eye Bangles Collection Launch
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Lorraine Schwartz Eye Bangles Collection Launch

Such a busy week! Sarah attended the Lorraine Schwartz Eye Bangles Collection Launch at the Delilah Club in West Hollywood on Tuesday (March 13th). Towards E! Entertainment Tonight Sarah talked about rings and also engagement rings, saying:

Um, I’m a 27-year-old woman, of course I have. I’m a 27-year-old woman at a jeweler’s event, of course I have [thought about engagement]. He [Wells Adams] knows what it is, so it’s fine

Not wanting to get too much into Sarah’s personal life but I’d be super happy for her if they ever (not necessarily right now, just at any time they’re both ready) write their vows.

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2018 iHeartRadio Music Awards at The Forum in Inglewood
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2018 iHeartRadio Music Awards at The Forum in Inglewood

On Sunday Sarah attended the annual iHeartRadio Music Awards in Inglewood, California. She hit the carpet in a rocky 80’s look!

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Also Sarah was seen leaving the Delilah Club in West Hollywood, California on Sunday (March 11th).

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March for our Lives
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March for our Lives

On March 24th you can join Sarah and the Modern Family cast at #marchforourlives. Text MARCH to 644-33 to find a 3/24 march near you. Also Sarah Hyland Web started a Twitter action for March 24th for everybody who can’t attend any march near them. More information can be found here.


2018 Women’s March LA / Pre-SAG Party
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2018 Women’s March LA / Pre-SAG Party

Sarah and her boyfriend Wells Adams attended the 2018 Women’s March LA at Pershing Square in Los Angeles on Saturday (January 21). Sarah about the Women’s March 2018:

This is a very important march to me. I’m so excited to be here, hand in hand with my sisters to stand together in solidarity and build our strength up against gaps in pay wages, sexual assault, and sexual abuse. I too am a survivor of sexual harassment, assault, and abuse, so something like that to me is very important. Justice needs to be called. The time is up for us to come together with amazing supportive men, unite, and take down the injustice that has come upon this world.

Also Sarah was seen attending the Entertainment Weekly Pre-SAG Party in Los Angeles last night. Lovely!

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