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June 04, 2019  admin No comments Appearances

Sarah is set to present at this year’s CMT Awards on Wednesday, June 5. So excited to see our favorite woman presenting in her boyfriend’s hometome. For those not knowing what CMT is: CMT is where all your favorite shows and country stars collide. Home to NASHVILLE and STILL THE KING. Tune in at 8/7c.

June 01, 2019  admin No comments Candids

Sarah was seen out and about in Burbank, doing some business looking fantastic on the last day of May.

001~1430.jpg 005~929.jpg 012~558.jpg 015~478.jpg 016~439.jpg

001~1431.jpg 002~1254.jpg   

Long time no news on this website. Sarah has been on vacation and out and about, yet lucky enough to not be spotted when she did both. However, on Wednesday (May 29) she was seen leaving  spa in Los Angeles.

002~1252.jpg 011~599.jpg 012~557.jpg 021~340.jpg 023~317.jpg

Besides these candids I’m glad to share lots of adds from the ABC Upfront in New York and candids of Sarah leaving her hotel in New York earlier this month.

001~1428.jpg 002~1251.jpg 003~1124.jpg 004~1009.jpg 005~927.jpg

054~132.jpg 058~113.jpg 065.jpeg 076.jpeg 089.jpeg

074~81.jpg 075~79.jpg 076~78.jpg 077~74.jpg 078~69.jpg

2044528373011386074_187407689.jpg 2048245445016959985_187407689.jpg 1084.jpg 1116.jpg 2054106278838867397_187407689.jpg

May 16, 2019  admin No comments Articles, The Wedding Year

Entertainment Studios Motion Pictures has obtained the U.S.  theatrical distribution rights to The Wedding Year, a romantic comedy led by Modern Family star Sarah Hyland, who also serves as an executive producer, and Tyler James Williams. Lakeshore Entertainment acquired the spec script written by television writer/producer Donald Diego and produced the film, which will open in the fall of this year.

Legally Blonde helmer Robert Luketic directed the pic. It tells the story of Mara Hickey (Hyland), an LA photographer who has vowed never to get married. So, when she and her new ready-to-settle-down boyfriend (Williams) are invited to fifteen weddings in the same year, the pressure is on Mara to make some big decisions.

Rounding out the cast are Keith David, Patrick Warburton, Tom Connolly, Grace Helbig, Wanda Sykes, Jenna Dewan, Anna Camp, and Fred Grandy.

Lakeshore’s Gary Lucchesi, Marc Reid, and Mark Korshak are producers. In addition to Hyland, executive producer are ESMP’s Byron Allen, Carolyn Folks, and Jennifer Lucas.

Source: Deadline

Modern Family Season 11 is coming! The cast attended the Walt Disney Television Upfront Presentation in New York City on Tuesday (May 14). Sarah looked fantastic in a flowerly off-shoulder dress, almost stealing the show for the other MF women.

001~1426.jpg 002~1250.jpg 003~1123.jpg 004~1008.jpg 

007~768.jpg 017~409.jpg 028~265.jpg 042~171.jpg 051.jpeg

001~1425.jpg 002~1249.jpg   

071~84.jpg 072~84.jpg   

2043986785495482182_187407689.jpg 2044079447326278326_187407689.jpg 2044083664354871043_187407689.jpg  


May 15, 2019  admin No comments Instagram

Sarah’s friend Kim Hidalgo is getting married (congrats Misses Hidalgo, soon to be Daughtry 💍). Sarah attended the big bachelorette weekend in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico enjoying herself and her ladies.


001~1419.jpg 002~1245.jpg   




001~1414.jpg 003~1118.jpg 005~923.jpg 009~681.jpg 010~631.jpg



April 29, 2019  admin No comments Appearances, Gallery Update

Even though there are so many fun things to share about Sarah lately I’m glad to share some exclusive appearances photos from 2018!

077~73.jpg 087~62.jpg 102~46.jpg 119~37.jpg 122~36.jpg

234~5.jpg 235~5.jpg 236~5.jpg 238~4.jpg 240~3.jpg

032~241.jpg 034~231.jpg 035~216.jpg 042~169.jpg 047~149.jpg

044~160.jpg 045~161.jpg 047~148.jpg 052~135.jpg 056~124.jpg

105~44.jpg 106~44.jpg 107~43.jpg 108~43.jpg 111~40.jpg

092~54.jpg 093~52.jpg 094~51.jpg 096~50.jpg 096~51.jpg

004~1002.jpg 005~922.jpg 006~842.jpg 007~766.jpg 

001~1412.jpg 002~1241.jpg 003~1116.jpg  

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April 24, 2019  admin No comments Articles, OLAY
Sarah Hyland always tells it like it is. In countless Instagram posts, tweets, and interviews, the Modern Family actress has been incredibly candid about her depression, her struggles with body image, and the 16+ surgeries she’s had throughout her life to combat her endometriosis and kidney dysplasia, which most notably involved a second kidney transplant in 2017. And because these surgeries have left multiple scars across her abdomen, she’s been open about her own personal journey to accepting them, too.
Now, thanks to a new partnership with Olay, Hyland is spreading her message of self love and self care to an even wider audience. This month, Hyland is one of six women appearing in Olay’s new photography book, speaking about how she honors and cares for her body. In preparation, Hyland also took part in the Olay Two-Week Moisture Ribbons Body Wash Challenge, using only the brand’s Moisture Ribbons Body Wash for several weeks.
There is a beautiful, silent power when you present to the world that you love yourself as you are.
We had the opportunity to sit down with Hyland on set to talk about her own self-care routine, why she’s decided to be so open about her health struggles, and how she deals with internet trolls, ahead.
How have your surgeries changed how you feel about beauty?
For me, being accepting of my scars is something that I’ve had to deal with since I could even remember. It’s still a struggle to this day, but you really just have to be able to own yourself. There is a beautiful, silent power when you present to the world that you love yourself as you are. Being vulnerable is sometimes the most powerful thing you can be, so having scars and going through a lot of medical issues has only made me stronger.
What does self care look like for you?
When you’re going through something so physical and on the brink of surgeries or death, that is obviously going to affect your mental health. You have to take care of your body any way you can. My self care can be as simple as taking a bath. You really have to take advantage of that to regain this feeling of control over yourself and your body. I’ve almost fallen in love with my body again and felt more comfortable in my own skin because of this [challenge]. My skin has been glowing and, if you have that, it can be a little bit of a pick-me-up.
What other ways do you practice self care?
I’m also a big fan of sheet masks and eye patches that you keep in the fridge. I normally have super early call times, like 6 a.m., so I wake up at 5 and take the sheet mask from the fridge. It wakes you up immediately, and then you put your glasses and baseball cap on, jump in the car, and do a face roller the entire time on your way to work. I normally use Joanna Vargas’ face masks and Nurse Jamie’s Beauty Roller. Peter Thomas Roth also has really great eye patches as well.
Why was it important for you to be so public about your health struggles?
When I was younger, I really did not want to be public about it. Not that I was ashamed or embarrassed — I just didn’t want to be a poster child. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve felt that it’s so important to be able to talk about it. I realized that for women especially, it takes a huge toll on your mental health because of what happens to you physically. In telling my story, so many people have reached out to tell me theirs… it also helps me.
How do you deal with the negative comments on Instagram?
In order to be OK on a daily basis, especially when you do get a lot of hate and judgement and critics out there that hide behind keyboards, you have to have a really strong back and rely on other people having your back. I have the most amazing fans in the entire world that go apeshit on the trolls. I found that it’s been super transformative on my mental state and confidence to have people like that in my life.
Source: Refinery29
April 21, 2019  admin No comments Modern Family

In 2 weeks (May 1stModern Family‘s 10×21 ‘Commencement’ will air on ABC with this happening:

Cam is finally getting a chance to shine when he is asked to preside over the high school graduation ceremony at the last minute, while Jay gives the commencement address. Meanwhile, Claire runs into her former high school rival who brings out the worst in her.

A few HQ stills and a behind the scenes photo were added to the gallery.

001~1407.jpg 003~1110.jpg 004~1000.jpg 007~762.jpg 009~680.jpg


April 17, 2019  admin No comments Candids, Instagram

Sarah’s good friend Katie Stevens (known as Karma from MTV’s Faking It) helt her bridal shower in Los Angeles this week (April 14th) with her friends, including Sarah of course. Their friends shared lots of fun shots from inside the shower, Sarah herself was pictures leaving the venue in a beautiful purpleish dress.

002~1236.jpg 004~999.jpg 008~702.jpg 011~594.jpg 013~524.jpg

058~110.jpg 059~110.jpg   



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