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Sarah and her beloved friends and bridesmaids were seen at the Casa Armara in Punta Mita, Mexico last Tuesday (July 12) during Sarah’s bachelorette party.

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In the social media section of the gallery you can also find lots of pictures of Sarah during this trip from her friends’ social media accounts.

Our bride to be took her bridesmaids on a yacht trip in Punta Mita, Mexico on Sunday (July 10). Some of her bridesmaids are Vanessa Hudgens, GG Magree and Ciara Robinson.

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A hot new bombshell is entering the villa: Sarah Hyland, who is set to host Peacock’s new Love Island USA, E! News can exclusively reveal. Scroll on for the steamy first trailer.

Summer is about to get even hotter.

That’s because Sarah Hyland is set to host Peacock’s new Love Island USA, E! News can exclusively announce. Based on the hugely popular U.K. reality dating show of the same name, the NBCU streamer’s new iteration promises “naughtier games and sexier challenges” when it premieres July 19.

Or as E!’s exclusive preview teases, “Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a wild ride.”

One the Modern Family star says she’s “so, so excited” to join.

Love Island is such an iconic show and I love the dating reality space,” she exclusively told E! News. “I’m just so thrilled and honored to be a part of this…They always have the hottest people on their show.”

Not that she’s just here to witness the drama and hookups.

“I really love that the girls, for the most part, stick together and really bond and stand up for one another,” she shared. “As a woman, I love it when I get to see that on television. But I definitely know that we’re going to have a lot of unexpected surprises and unpredictable twists that we’ve never seen. We’re pushing the boundaries this time around.”

And while she preps, she’s leaning on fiancé Wells Adams, the resident bartender on Bachelor in Paradise.

“He always shares a lot with me during the process of BiP,” Hyland said. “It’s a lot of unpredictability, you just have to roll with the punches and just be patient and observant and have kindness for everyone.”

She added, “He’s so, so supportive of this whole new adventure that I’m about to embark upon, and he’s really been just an amazing human being.”

Check out the first look above for a tease at what’s to come.

Peacock’s Love Island USA premieres Tuesday, July 19 with episodes dropping six days a week after.

Source: E! News

Peacock announced on Wednesday the premiere dates for its scripted originals for the rest of the year, including Matthew Fox’s “Last Light,” “Vampire Academy,” the “Pitch Perfect” spinoff series “Bumper in Berlin” and the TV adaptation of “The Best Man.”

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Premiere Date: November 23

“In the new series for Peacock, several years after we last saw him in “Pitch Perfect,” Adam Devine’s Bumper Allen moves to Germany to revive his music career when one of his songs becomes big in Berlin.”

Source: Variety

Sarah is seen as Kelly on My Fake Boyfriend, a brand new rom-com streaming on Amazon Prime. In the gallery you can find +70 Screen Captures of the movie.

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Sarah Hyland (“Modern Family,” “Vampire Academy”) stopped by to chat first times. Listen to Sarah talk about her first time on stage, first stop when she’s back in New York, first celeb crush, and more!

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To celebrate the release of the BuzzFeed Studios film My Fake Boyfriend, BuzzFeed had the cast answer pressing questions about dating, love, breakups, and more. So, who’s used a dating app?

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Sarah and her dear friend Ciara were seen leaving The Tox Los Angeles in Los Angeles on Saturday (June 11). Have you noticed Sarah’s sneaky 🖕🏻 has made its return to the candid section.

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THE (wedding) day is finally coming closer… Sarah had her wonderful Bridal Shower with many of her friends in Los Angeles last night (June 4). Friends like Vanessa Hudgens, GG Magree, Justin Mikita and many others attended. I’m literally so ready to see Sarah becoming Mrs. Adams…

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Back in Los Angeles after filming in Berlin and spending time in New York, Sarah was seen out and about in the sunshine state on Friday (May 27).

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