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February 23, 2018  admin No comments Candie's, Photoshoots

Spring 2018 started off wonderful! The new Candie’s campaign “Life is Better with a Candies Twist” feat. Candie’s creative director Sarah Hyland herself. Check out the photoshoot and behind the scenes photos and also check out all item at Kohl’s.

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February 21, 2018  admin No comments Appearances, Candids

On Tuesday (February 20th) Sarah attended the 20th Costume Designers Guild Awards in Beverly Hills, California. Before she was seen at the gym in Los Angeles. Work hard, play hard and turn into a wonderful princess by night. That’s what Sarah taught us last night!

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February 20, 2018  admin No comments Candids

On Saturday (February 17th) Sarah and her boo Wells Adams were seen leaving a grocery store in Los Angeles. On Monday (February 19th) Sarah was seen out and about and also hitting the gym in Los Angeles. So many candids!

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February 19, 2018  admin No comments Articles, Candie's

To pinpoint one singular thing Sarah Hyland does would be impossible. She holds many titles these days, from actress to singer to creative director, though the latter is a step outside her typical repertoire as an entertainer. Last year, Candie’s for Kohl’s brought Hyland on board as creative director for the brand, and if you’re wondering whether clothing lines normally offer that kind of role to someone outside the fashion industry, the answer is no.

In working with Candie’s, Hyland follows in the footsteps of celebrities from Destiney’s Child to Britney Spears to Fergie, but she’s the first to hold the creative director title. While the standard for celebrity brand involvement is to be the “face” of a line and featured in many of its campaigns, Candie’s took the idea one step further, involving the Hyland in everything from inspirations to design and, of course, brand campaigns.

We caught up with her recently to talk about designing for the brand and which trends she’s excited to bring to life this spring.

What can we expect from Candie’s this spring?

This spring we have a lot of florals in the collection. We’re going pure spring with it this year. We have upgraded our leather motorcycle jacket to a denim version with floral embroidery, so it’s a little bit lighter and versatile for day to night. That’s actually my favorite piece from the collection.

How would you wear that floral denim moto jacket?

I would probably pair with one of our regular tops. One of my favorite tops we have is this sheer top. So it has that sheer sexiness of a floral pattern that you can see through, but then you have a regular solid tank attached to it that goes underneath.

Which 2018 trends are you most excited about?

Mesh is everywhere, and I’m obsessed with it, but I’d never wear a completely sheer top with only a bra or only lingerie underneath. I’d always layer it on top of a solid piece like a tank. I do love the look of an allover mesh dress, like what Dior is doing. It still has an air of mystery and looks especially good over high-waisted pants. I come from a dance background, so I love pieces like that, which remind me of a dance costume.

In terms of footwear, I’m looking forward to mules; I’m a huge fan of the shoes. This is the first year I got to go into our Candie’s footwear design studio and work with the team. We have a lot of pearl details and floral embroidery on all of our shoes, which I’m very excited about.

Where do you source inspiration for the collection?

For footwear, I am more of a minimalist. I love a good mule with a tiny bit of embroidery on it. You always want each collection to be different from the last, but you always want it to be cohesive. So the idea is that with each collection, you’re going to slowly elevate it.

What has been the process as creative director?

My favorite parts are going to NYC and meeting with everyone on the team, the design, production teams, the footwear team—the actual process of it. I like learning how things come to life. Because I’ll go to them and show them a top that I love, and they’re like “no.” So everything is a learning process, and especially in the design fashion world, I’ve learned so much in this process. And they’ve been so open to my ideas, too. While I don’t have any formal design knowledge, I was always that kid who would cut my Barbie’s hair and cut up my old T-shirts, so I feel that it’s always been a part of me.

Source: WhoWhatWear


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February 16, 2018  admin No comments Candids

Sarah and a friend were seen leaving The Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles on Thursday evening after enjoying a night out at the location. All videos can be found on our Twitter and Tumblr, photos are in the gallery, as usual.

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February 14, 2018  admin No comments Instagram, Social Media, Twitter

It’s lovers day! Our favorite couple – Sarah and her man Wells Adams – are celebrating it apart from each other, sadly, yet Sarah shared one of the sweetest Valentine’s Day messages ever seen on her Instagram.

Find someone who makes you laugh, who gives you butterflies every time they walk in a room, who supports you and recognizes your worth. Someone that sees you at your best when you think you’re at your worst. A partner and a best friend that encourages you to take those risks and pursue your dreams. Happy Valentine’s Day @wellsadams ❤ #toplutoandback


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February 12, 2018  admin No comments Candids

Sarah and her boyfriend Wells Adams were seen at Gelson’s grocery store in Los Angeles, California on Sunday (February 11th).

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February 08, 2018  admin No comments Candids, Photoshoots

Sarah had a pretty busy day out in Los Angeles on Wednesday (February 7). She was seen at the gym, at Joan’s On Third and at the Shape House. Also two behind the scenes photos of her latest shoot by Mike Rosenthal for Modeliste Magazine were published.

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February 07, 2018  admin No comments Candids, Instagram, Social Media, Twitter

On Tuesday (February 6) Sarah was seen picking up food at Cafe Gratitude in West Hollywood.

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February 06, 2018  admin No comments Candids, Instagram, Social Media

New year, new Sarah? The past two days Sarah was seen hitting the gym a lot. Just like on Sunday Sarah was seen at a gym in Los Angeles last night (February 5th).

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