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Let’s all welcome 2022 the right way: with a few candids of Sarah and Wells taking a stroll in Los Angeles on Saturday (January 8). But I didn’t just add some candids from last night. I also added Sarah’s last 2021 Instagram photos as well as her recent photos.

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Dear visitors,
Merry Christmas 🎄 Soon this crazy year will be over and we’re heading into the 4th year of Sarah Hyland Web in 2022. What a crazy thing to even say. Time flies so fast. I really hope you’re all having a wonderful Christmas time, spend much time with your loved ones and the ones you love the most. Please stay safe, take care of yourselves and always wear a mask. I hope you’re all having a wonderful last week in this crazy year. Let’s get ready for a brand new year with brand new challenges!

To celebrate this special day this year I’m happy to share an exclusive picture of Sarah’s 2020 Cosmopolitan Magazine shoot and a magazine scan for next month’s Women’s Health.

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A few weeks back (December 8th) Sarah and Wells Adams hosted the Petco Holiday Special on Facebook, or as Petco labeled it:

Join us for A LIVE SHOPPABLE, PET-ADOPTABLE HOLIDAY SPECTACULAR, hosted by Sarah Hyland & Wells Adams! From making festive treats or prepping for the holidays to taking the perfect family photo, we’re making sure you have everything you need to create meaningful memories with your pets this season. We just need you, our live studio audience.

Enjoy the full show on Facebook and some fun photos in the gallery as well.

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Host Sarah Hyland and Lady Parts OBGYN Dr. Sherry sit down with actress Cara Delevingne and comedian Whitney Cummings to talk about the joys of sex and masturbation. Later, they’re joined by Lora DiCarlo, the CEO behind a sex tech company working to improve your “me” time.

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Sarah and her fiancé Wells were seen grabbing some pizza in West Hollywood on Thursday (December 9). Don’t forget to watch Sarah as host of the Play-Doh Squished Holiday Special on iMDB TV tonight! Also, maybe grab some pizza?

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Last Monday (December 6) Sarah was seen out and about with a huge box. A day later (December 7) she was seen attending the 47th Annual People’s Choice Awards in Santa Monica, California with her finacé Wells Adams.

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A few days ago (December 3) Sarah was seen doing some shopping in the Los Angeles area. It seems like she was holding a squishy when running errands.

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Dear Media, the female-focused podcast company, is moving into scripted audio series for the first time with a romantic comedy starring Sarah Hyland and Harvey Guillén.

The Modern Family star and the What We Do In The Shadows star are leading the cast of Bone, Marry, Bury, which has been developed in partnership with RomComPods.

The series, which will be released in February 2022, follows 26-year-old Allie, played by Hyland, who’s closing out the worst year of her life after recently being fired, dumped, and evicted. It starts with Allie on New Year’s Eve, where she plans to get wasted and leave this mess of the year behind. Little does she know that the NYE party she’s about to attend will be life-changing but not for the reason she thinks. Through the omniscient narrator, her best friend Gabe, played by Guillén, that by the end of the month, Allie will Bone, Marry, and Bury three different people… and they’re all at this party.

It also stars Tommy Martinez, Adam Pally, Josie Totah. It will also feature the likes of Heather McMahan, Frankie Jonas, Punam Patel, Lukas Gage, and Trixie Mattel.

Bone, Marry, Bury was created, written, directed and exec produced by RomComPods’ Becca Freeman and Rachael King. Hyland is also exec producing with Broad City’s Eliot Glazer as consulting writer and producer and Guillén as producer.

Dear Media, which was founded by Michael Bosstick in 2018, is behind more than 80 podcasts including The Dissenters, co-hosted by Debra Messing, and Lipstick on the Rim with Molly Sims.

“Dear Media has grown enormously since we launched in 2018 and we aren’t slowing down. This year, we have been working on a large slate of shows that our listeners haven’t heard from us yet and we are so excited to expand into different categories and formats. As our first scripted series, Bone, Marry, Bury, hits the mark on our capabilities as a company and we’re excited for listeners to tune in,” said Bosstick.

RomComPods was founded by Pod People CEO Rachael King and Becca Freeman, co-host of the hit lifestyle podcast, Bad on Paper. It is represented by UTA, which brokered the deal.

“Bone, Marry, Bury started as a kernel of an idea that was totally outside our normal wheelhouse, but we just couldn’t stop thinking about,” said King. “We could not have dreamed of a better partner for this project than Dear Media who gave us so much creative freedom and encouragement to push the limits on this truly unhinged comedy.”

Source: Deadline

Our dearest Brand-eye has lost her voice, so we’re calling in our A-lister from the B-squad, miss Sarah Hyland. Wells is living his busiest life these days, and didn’t have time to catch up on The Bachelorette. However, his gal Sarah took extensive, detailed, hilarious notes that provide the base for a serious Bachelorette deep dive. Speaking of love, the two talk about Ben Higgins’ wedding, where Wells was an usher, not a groomsman. You got it wrong, People magazine! The two lovebirds also discuss the ups and downs of mushroom science, ancient ruins, Taylor Swift’s scarf, Britney’s freedom, and much, much more, that you don’t want to miss!

tick, tick…BOOM! Sarah blew the red carpet away with her amazing look at the “tick, tick…BOOM!” Premiere in Hollywood, California on Wednesday (November 10) to support her good old friend Vanessa Hudgens.

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