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» Birth Name: Sarah Jane Hyland

» Married Name: Sarah Jane Adams

» Born: November 24, 1990 in New York City, New York

» Birth Sign: Sagittarus

» Nicknames: SJ, Kitty, Raindrop

» Height: 5’2” (1,57m)


» Older sister of Ian Hyland

» Sarah is of English, German, Scottish, Irish, Dutch and Welsh descent

» Sarah underwent a kidney transplant in April 2012 after nearly lifelong battle -since age nine- with kidney dysplasia

» One of only a handful of actors to have made guest appearances on 3 or more of the Law & Order franchise series

» Attended acting school with Gossip Girl‘s Taylor Momsen and Connor Paolo

» Sarah’s very much a homebody and doesn’t enjoy partying with other young celebrities

» She’s a dog lover and proud dog mom of two dogs, Barkley and Boo

» She says she’s always mistaken for Mila Kunis. Appearantly, Mila told Sarah that she gets mistaken for her too

» Sarah supports Time’s Up and other organizations, supporting women and LGBTQ rights

» In an interview with SELF Magazine Sarah opened up about depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts and how she overcome it

» Since late 2017 Sarah is dating Wells Adams, who is known for his appearance on The Bachelorette

» In Summer 2019 Sarah and Wells Adams got engaged during a vacation

» Sarah and Wells Adams tied the knot on August 20, 2022 in California